Social media was flooded with viral videos of heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson repeatedly punching a passenger in an airplane. The plane was to fly from the San Francisco International Airport when the shocking incident transpired. The video gone viral showed ‘Iron Mike’ on a rampage, striking a fellow passenger with unwavering rage till he left him bloodied.

Following the incident, Mike Tyson’s representatives alleged that the boxer struck the passenger after the later harassed Tyson and also threw a bottle of water on him while Tyson was on his seat.

The 55-year-old boxer was in San Francisco for the 420 cannabis festival held in Golden Gate Park annually. The retired boxer, who following his boxing career has worked as a podcaster, actor and producer, was promoting his brand Tyson 2.0.

In a career that spanned multiple decades, Tyson has been no stranger to controversy. Back in 90s, he was also made to serve three years in prison after the court convicted him of rape. Further, he was also banned from the world of boxing for a period of three years after he bit off a part of a boxer’s ear in 1997.

The Facts of the Matter

After making appearances in widely famous podcasts such as Joe Rogan Experience, Impulsive, and holding court in his own podcast, Mike Tyson is in news again. This time, the 56-year-old boxer is in the news for punching an allegedly intoxicated passenger in an airplane. Thanks to social media, the entire ordeal was caught on cam and visuals of the incident are going viral on social media.

The Incident As it Happened

The incident occurred earlier last night at the San Francisco International Airport where the airport was flying from San Francisco to Florida. Video of the altercation showed Tyson leaning over a seat and throwing punches at the passenger to his head until other passengers intervened.

Before Mike let his temper got the better of him, a man was seen in video standing beside the former Heavyweight champion’s seat and taking animatedly. The boxer can be seen sitting patiently, not saying much.

Passenger who Received Wrath of ‘Iron Mike’ Was Drunk

According to TMZ, the passenger who was receiving end of the wrath of Iron Mike was drunk and had been harassing the boxer. The boxer also asked the man to step back and stop with his shenanigans. The boxer also took a selfie with the said patient. However, the passenger continued talking animatedly from the seat behind.

Following the incident, Mike Tyson’s representatives issued a statement which read, “Unfortunately, Mr Tyson had an incident on a flight with an aggressive passenger who began harassing him and threw a water bottle at him while he was in his seat.”

Watch Passenger Being Struck By ‘Iron Mike’

Two Passengers Detained Passengers, Released Them Pending Investigation

Moreover, San Francisco police, who are handling the investigation, said that the police detained two passengers who were involved in the matter. One of the persons, who was struck, was treated at the scene for “non-threatening injuries”. The police department also alleged that the two passengers refused to cooperate and were released pending investigation

Other Passenger Recalls Incident

Meanwhile, another flight passenger, identified as Sarah Burchfield, saw the person whom Mike Tyson punched, at a bar having another verbal altercation. “The belligerent guy was sitting right behind him (Tyson) and I saw they were interacting,” she said, adding she also heard the confrontation in the first class of the plane.


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