On Twitter, a viral video showing 2 women getting attacked by shark while swimming in Egypt’s Red Sea is making rounds ever since the incident. Reports have confirmed that both the women died in the vicious attack. Following the incident, the Red Sea Governorate has issued directives to shut down beaches across Red Seas.

Earlier, foreign ministries of Egypt and Romania issued statements regarding the matter stating that two women, one Austrian and one Romanian, died after shark attack while they were swimming off the Egypt coast. On Sunday, Egyptian ministry confirmed that two women were attacked by shark when they were in the Sahl Hasheesh area of the Red Sea.

The incident transpired earlier last week, and many social media users took to Twitter and shared video of the attack. It should be noted that Shikshanews couldn’t identify the authenticity of the video independently. The video showed the silhouette of a swimmer in the sea struggling in agony as a pool of blood surrounds her.

It should be noted that the two deaths were reported in two separate incidents. The 68-year-old Austrian woman lost her arm and her leg in the brutal attack and died in the ambulance due to “shock”. The second woman from Austria had her leg and arm bitten off, and died due to shock.

The Facts of the Matter

There are nearly 500 species of shark, of which, only 30 have attacked humans. Further, according to International Shark Attack File, chances of one having an encounter with shark is about 1 in 11.5 million. Moreover, lightning strikes kill more people than sharks in US.

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2 Shark Attacks, 2 Deaths, 600ft From Each Other

But in the true face of danger, odds take a toss and all the data seem inadequate. Recently, 2 women in Egypt died in separate incidents involving shark attack. The two women – one Austrian and one Romanian – were swimming in Red Sea. Both the attacks happened about 600ft from each other.

Horrific Video Shows Victim Struggling After Losing Arm, Leg

One of the victims, a 68-year-old Austrian woman, was caught on camera after she was attacked by the shark. Distressing visuals making rounds of Twitter shows the victim struggling to swim quickly and come back to the shore after losing her arm and leg to the shark. The video showed the woman struggling in the pool of her own blood as people around her shrieked and shouted loudly.

Watch Video Here (Viewer’s Direction Advised –Blood)

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Woman’s Last Words Revealed

In the wake of the horrible tragedy, the deceased woman’s last words were reported by a MailOnline report to be, “I’ll go back in for a moment.” According to reports, the Austrian native was married to an Egyptian man and lived with him in Egypt.

Despite losing her arm and leg, the woman somehow managed to make her way to the shore. However, she died due to “extreme shock” that is caused by pain and died.

Second Attack Confirmed, Woman’s Body Retrieved

Soon after the first attack, the Egyptian authorities confirmed that a second woman was killed at around the same time, about 650ft away from the first attack in the Red Sea. The woman’s mutilated corpse was retrieved out of the Red Sea after it was washed up on a reef.

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Ban Imposed on Swimming, Beaches Closed

Hundreds of tourists who witnessed the ordeal complained of the absence of lifeguards or any such aides around the sea. Following the two deaths, the Egyptian authorities have imposed a ban on swimming in the sea and beaches across the sea have been asked to shut down.

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