In the Virat Kohli row, BCCI officially confirmed that no player complained about Kohli amid rumours of conflict within the team. Earlier, after Kohli officially stepped down as the captain of ODI team, rumours mill was filled with reports on a conflict within the team. Some reports suggested that veteran spinner Ashwin took to the board to complain about his skipper. There were also reports that his deputy Ajinkya Rahane was not much happy with Kohli in the team.


Virat Kohli is an enigma of sports. While his batting prowess is par none, his attitude has been scrutinized by the fans. The scrutiny came after fans were feeling the cool-as-a-cucumber MS Dhoni withdrawal after he retired.

Recently, reports of Kohli being cornered by his dressing-room mates have been ripe. The reports emerged after he gave up being the captain of the ODI and T20 teams.

The Facts of the Matter

Other than reporting day to day activities and incidents, media is also responsible for connecting the dots and speculating what may be not revealed to the masses. A certain section of sport media publication did just that after Virat Kohli decided to step down as the captain of ODI and T20 squads of Indian Cricket.

The rumours were ripe for biting as Kohli was already under the magnifying glasses of the media for not including Ravichandran Ashwin in the India VS England Test. Soon, reports made the round which claimed that some players took to the BCCI and complained about Virat Kohli.

“Media Must Stop Writing This Rubbish…”

Squashing all such speculation, BCCI went on record and claimed that no such thing transpired. Speaking to Times of India, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal was quoted saying, “The media must stop writing this rubbish. Let me say this on the record that no Indian cricketer has made any complaint to the BCCI – written or verbal.”

“On Behalf of the Board, I Can Tell You..”

Further, Mr. Dhumal also asserted that the board can’t keep squashing every false rumour. The BCCI treasurer was also earlier quoted saying, “The media asked me if the BCCI had taken a decision and I said no because that was true – the BCCI had not taken any decision or even discussed it. Eventually, Virat took his own decision and conveyed it to the BCCI and that was his call. Today, the same media is saying players complained to the BCCI. So, on behalf of the board I can tell you, there have been no complaints. Is there any confusion?”

R. Ashwin Trolls Reports of His Alleged Feud with Kohli

Veteran spinner Ravichandran Ashwin meanwhile took to Instagram to troll reports of his alleged feud with Virat Kohli. Further, the outspoken spinner called out IANS (Indo-Asian News Service) for spreading fake news.

Earlier, there were certain reports of Ashwin contacting BCCI to complain about Kohli and his captainship. To curb all such rumors, Ashwin decided to take matters in his own hand.

Recently, media reports claiming that Ashwin had contacted the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to complain about Virat Kohli started going around. The news spread like wildfire and Ashwin decided to bring the issue up to mock the sources.

In one of his stories, Ashwin wrote, “I am searching for the handle called “Fake News”, it used to be super fun for Gossip.”

In another story, Ashwin further called out IANS and wrote, “Oh yaaa!! Thank you guys. Found Them: I just heard they have renamed themselves and are now called IANS and some others take quotes from them too. Super fun.”

Ashwin Story Insta

Ashwin Story Insta

What is the IANS report R. Ashwin is Trolling?

Earlier, IANS had published a report where it claimed that Ashwin took to Jay Shah, BCCI secretary, and discussed feeling ‘insecure’ about his own place in the team.