The power couple, Virushka aka Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, have invested in a plant-based meat start-up, Blue Tribe, to encourage people to imbibe a meat-free lifestyle. The couple shared a video on Instagram announcing their association with the brand. Anushka shared that the step is to make people aware of “how they can be more conscious and leave less impact on the planet.” Before Virushka, Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh too have forayed into the mock-meat industry. They launched their own meat brand, Imagine Meat, in 2020.

Virushka Endorses Environment-Friendly Dietary Products

Anushka Sharma has always been vocal about her love for animals and the need to switch to an environment-friendly lifestyle. Striding in the same direction, the couple has collaborated with a plant-based meat firm, Blue Tribe.

“One of the aspects of our lives we changed is adopting a plant-forward diet, which means not consuming any meat at all,” says Virat.

The collaboration is an attempt by the couple to make people aware of the benefits of plant-based meat, Anushka adds.

She further mentions how, by switching to mock meat, an individual can help the planet.

Virat, reiterating Anushka’s view, said, “At the end of the day, I am a foodie too. I want to enjoy the kind of food I love without leaving a huge carbon footprint.”


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Everything You May Want to Know About Blue Tribe

Blue Tribe is a plant-based meat start-up that offers alternatives to meat-based products. It was founded by Sandeep Singh and Nikki Arora Singh and is headquartered in Mumbai.

According to Sandeep Singh, “Our products are aimed at non-vegetarians who want to switch to healthier, environment-friendly products without compromising on the taste of their favorite dishes.” He added that they have been successful in understanding what gives meat its unique taste and texture, and hence, their products offer the same experience to their consumers as real meat does.

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Plant-Based Meat Gaining Ground in India

Mock meat has become quite popular in international markets. Companies like Beyond Meat are all the rage in the United States. In India, the market is gaining ground steadily. Plant-based meat generally has a higher quantity of protein and fibre. They have a lower calorie and fat content.

Many companies in India, including Imagine meat, Veggie Camp and GoodDot are selling the product to the Indian consumers. According to some earlier reports, ITC Ltd., too, was planning to start serving plant-based meat.

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The Deshmukhs have Tried their Hands in the Industry

Given the growing popularity of plant-based meat in India, Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh launched their own plant-based meat brand in 2020. Imagine Meat offers a variety of meats to its consumers.

According to Riteish Deshmukh, the company is aiming to expand its ambit to 25-30 cities by the end of the financial year.

As far as Virat Kohli is concerned, he has invested in a number of ventures, including fashion, space, insurance, etc. Kohli stands among the top-paid athletes in India.


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