Edgardo Greco, a wanted mafia fugitive, was recently captured after working as a pizza chef in France. The convicted killer, known to be part of the country’s most powerful mafia family, had been working as a pizza chef for the last 16 years when he was on the run. According to reports, he was part of the ‘Ndrangheta organised crime family that originate from Italy’s Calabria. He had been wanted for multiple grisly murders that took place back in 1990s.

The now 63-year-old mafia gang member had been wanted for the murders of two brothers of a rival gang. The “mafia war” took place between the two rival gangs in 1990s. The deceased brothers were identified as Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo. They were beaten to death in Cosenza in January 1991 and their bodies were never found, assumed to be dissolved in acid.

After long investigation, a trial judge issued an arrest warrant against Greco in 2006 and Greco had since been on the run. Greco took a new identity, working as a chef called Paolo Dimitrio. The man was so sure of his alias, that he even featured in a local newspaper, talking about his restaurant’s recipes.

As per Interpol, the French authorities conducted large-scale surveillance of Greco’s whereabouts, and ended up nabbing him.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all seen Hollywood films where a fugitive is seen living a new life after years of crime and depravity. Often, these men on run take on families, and take new identities to make sure they continue to evade the long arm of the law.

Edgardo Greco, a member of Italian mafia gang, is also one such criminal. To make sure he stayed out of the jail and away from the law, he worked as a pizza chef, and went on to feature in the local newspapers as well. It was only until recently, that the French authorities nabbed him after 16 long years of cat-and-mouse chase.

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How Edgardo Greco was Arrested

Edgardo reportedly posed as a famous Pizza chef for the last years, before his arrest was made. According to Interpol, its anti-mafia operation worked with the French authorities in carrying out a massive surveillance to nab Edgardo. After confirming his real identity, the authorities took no time to arrest him.

Edgardo Greco was part of Italian mafia group called ‘Ndrangheta. The ‘Ndrangheta is one of the most powerful mafia family in Italy, with their roots reaching far and wide across Europe and South America.

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Edgardo was Wanted for Murders

The currently 63-year-old suspect Edgardo was wanted in the grisly murders of two brothers, Stefano and Giuseppe, who belonged to another mafia mob. The killings took place back in 1991.

The bodies of the two deceased men were never found, with the authorities suspecting that they were dissolved in acid. He was also accused of another attempted murder in 1991. After long and tedious investigation, the court issued a warrant of arrest against Edgardo in 2006, and he had still been on the run.

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Creating New Identity, Working as a Chef

According to reports, Greco created a new identity for himself, Paolo Dimitrio. Greco was so sure of his new identity, that he went on to feature in a local newspaper where he gave an interview about his restaurant’s “home-made recipes” of risotto, ravioli, and pizza.


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