A man in Delhi left a chilling 77-page suicide note after killing himself & his mother wherein he mentioned that he “wanted to free her”. The incident was reported from Delhi’s Rohini and the deceased man took his life earlier on Sunday night.

Reportedly, the deceased had taken his mother’s life two or three days before he took his own life. The mother’s body was found in the bathroom. The incident was brought to the fore after the police received an alert by the neighbours who complained of a foul stench coming from the house.

During the preliminary investigation, the police found a 77-page suicide note written by the deceased in which he confessed to killing his mother. The deceased, Kshitij, in his note wrote that ever since he was a child, he had been lonely and had no friends. He further wrote about the issues he had with his father. He complained that after his father’s passing, his mother did not give him money and added that he and his mother both were suffering from disease.

Kshitij also wrote about slitting his mother’s throat after strangling her, as he had read that soul can’t attain salvation if the body is strangled. Further, he also quoted Bhagavad Gita, and sprinkled Ganga Jal on her mother to help her attain salvation.

The Facts of the Matter

A 25-year-old man in Delhi allegedly killed his mother and took his own life later over being depressed and having financial issues. The deceased, Kshitij, also left an elaborate 77-page suicide note in which he wrote about what led to him taking the grave and drastic step.

Kshitij reportedly slit his mother’s neck earlier on Thursday last week, and three days later, killed himself. The deceased 25-year-old had been living with his mother’s body and had been trying to cover up its stench by deodorants and perfumes.

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Had No Friends

In the 77-page suicide letter, Kshitij mentioned that he had been lonely ever since he was a child and had no friends. He wrote about his father, who died ten years ago, and added how his mother did not give him money after his passing.

“Wanted to Free her”

Kshitij also wrote about him and his mother suffering from a disease. In the note he mentioned that his mother “had gone through a lot and he wanted to free her”, an officer involved in the investigation of the case said.

In the note, he also wrote that he had been depressed for a very long time and wasn’t able to bear the medical expenses for his mother and himself as he was unemployed.

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Reading Bhagavad Gita, Slitting Throat for Salvation

The deceased accused also wrote on how he took his mother’s life. He confessed that he strangled his mother with a chain. However, he wrote that he later slit her throat as he had read that soul cannot attain salvation if one is strangled.

Further, he had also read Bhagavad Gita, and hence, sprinkled ‘Ganga Jal’ on his mother’s lifeless body so that she could attain salvation. For the next three days, he lived with his mother corpse.

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Cops witness Horrific Scene

Earlier on Sunday, he called his neighbour and told that he is going to kill himself.

The police were soon informed who reached the spot and witnessed the horrific scene. They found the mother’s “highly decomposed” body in their washroom while Kshitij’s body lying in a room. The autopsy was conducted earlier on Monday.


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