In heartwarming development, video of brave villagers & rescue officers saving a woman & baby stuck underneath a Tamil Nadu waterfall has gone viral. The footage has come amid the flashflood that struck Tamil Nadu’s various regions due to incessant rainfall. The video shows a woman and her baby stuck on a rock beneath a waterfall gushing down in a heavy downpour.

The incident was reported from Salem district’s Attur. The waterfall in question was Anaivari Muttul falls in the Kalavarayan hills. The popular tourist location opened up just two months ago after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. People had taken to the beautiful location, not expecting the wrath of the nature affecting them.


Dramatic visuals of a rescue are common in the film and television world. In a popular film, a group of innocent civilians are stuck in a precarious situation, and in comes the hero to save the day. The ‘knight in the shining armour’ is a common trope in Bollywood industry, but in real-world situation, it’s several people who join forces to save the day.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a footage making rounds on the internet, rescue officers of the Tamil Nadu Forest department and brave villagers can be seen rescuing a woman and a baby. Both the woman and baby are stuck on a rock beside the raging Anaivari Muttal waterfall. The rescue operation was successfully completed on Sunday; however, it took a couple of days for the video to emerge and get popular.

Woman, Baby Caught Between ‘Rock & A Hard Place’

In the dramatic video, running just over two minutes, a woman can be seen over a rock precariously with a baby. The crisis is as high-stakes as one can imagine as gushing flow of water can be seen beside the woman, promising to take the woman and her baby down any second.

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Humanity Prevails: Rescue Officers Make Way to Woman, Baby

However, there’s hope as a few persons brave their way towards the woman and the baby. Voices of bystanders shrieking and screaming to tell the men to stop can also be heard. However, the men remain undeterred and they make their way through to the woman using just a rope.

The men then take the child away from the woman and carefully bring him to safety. The woman is also saved the same way.

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Twist in Tale: Men Lose their Balance, Fall in Gushing Water

However, the almost movie-like-visuals has one twist remaining. As the woman and baby are rescued, 2 men from the rescue somehow lose their balance and fall into the gushing water. People who were giving directions and seeing the whole ordeal screamed in frenzy.

Thankfully, reports have revealed that both the men from the rescue party swam to safety to the other side. Other than the woman and the baby, a few more people were stuck and rescued the same way.

Watch the Video Here:

Netizens React to Bravery of Forest Officers

Flash Flood Waters Reached Spot in Half an Hour

According to an Indian Express report no casualties or injuries were reported from the incident. The Salem District’s Forest officer told media that the waterfall is a designated eco-tourism spot where the rainwater accumulates from the Kalvarayan hills. He further added that the sudden flash flood waters reached the region within the span of half an hour.

The forest officer also told that the incident is not a rare one as flash floods are triggered every year, however, this time the quantity of the water was more than usual.

It should be noted that the Anaivari Muttul Waterfalls is closed due to the ongoing weather conditions until further notice.