Netizens on Twitter were shocked with the recently gone viral video of a KSRTC bus conductor slapping and kicking a passenger from the bus. The shocking video was shared earlier on September 7 with the video of the incident garnering close to fourteen thousand views so far. The incident was reported from Ishwaramangala village in Karnataka’s Puttur Taluk.

The incident was brought to the fore by a Twitter user who shared the video and captioned it with “Inhuman act of KSRTC bus operator in Iswaramangala. The driver kicked the passenger and pushed him to the road.”

In the video gone viral, the bus conductor can be seen pushing a passenger through the bus entryway. The passenger hangs on to the railing next to the entryway, and the bus conductor slaps him hard on his face. Furthermore, the bus conductor also goes on to kick the passenger, who falls on the ground and keeps lying there.

Reportedly, the incident took place earlier on Wednesday this week. Many netizens on Twitter claimed that the passenger was in an inebriated state. “Whatever scenario it may be, what the conductor has done is wrong,” a Twitter user wrote. Many other users also tagged authorities and asked them to take action against the bus conductor.

The Facts of the Matter

There’s an age-old adage that goes – “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”. In the past, we have all seen videos of power-corrupt officials from government taking advantage of their position, and brazenly break all the rules of human ethics and civility.

Recently, a similar incident was reported from Karnataka, where a bus conductor was seen slapping a passenger and kicking him from the bus. The incident was caught on camera and visuals of the same have been since making the rounds of social media.

What Does the Video Show?

In the 45-second video gone viral, a passenger can be seen boarding a bus. This is when the conductor pushes him back. The passenger holds the railing tightly and the bus conductor slaps him on his face. As if that was not enough, the conductor in a few moments can be seen kicking the passenger, who falls on the ground and lies there. The conductor is seen trying to check on the passenger and the duo appears to have a conversation. However, not a single bus passenger, bystander, or the bus conductor himself, came to the man’s help.

Netizens Left Divided on the Incident

Twitter users as always were left divided at the brazen breach of basic human rights. While some did comment that the conductor’s behaviour was not appropriate, others commented that the passenger appeared to be drunk, and such actions are often needed.

Similar Incidents of Uniformed Cops Assaulting Civilians in Public

In the recent past, there have been several incidents where uniformed cops were seen assaulting civilians in public. While such incidents have been known to happen across the nation, thanks to social media, they are caught on video as much needed evidences of authoritarian brutality in the country.

Earlier this month, a video emerged which showed a female cop in Delhi slapping her father-in-law repeatedly in the presence of another cop.

In July, a cop brutally thrashed an elderly man at Jabalpur railway station, and went as far as hanging him upside down on the edge of a platform.

In June, a cop in Punjab opened fire during a heated argument with civilians, and ended up shooting a civilian on his knee.

In June, another traffic cop in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore was seen slapping a food delivery agent. The cop was transferred following outrage on social media.


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