In Lucknow, a courageous woman confronted armed bike-born chain-snatcher who robbed her at a gunpoint. The woman’s courageous act in the face of danger was caught on camera, visuals of which, are going viral. The incident was reported from Lucknow’s Krishna Nagar, and occurred earlier on Thursday morning. In the aftermath, an FIR was registered in the matter, and the cops are on the lookout for the robbers.

The CCTV footage captured a lone woman was returning home on her trusty scooter, unaware of the danger lurking just around the corner. As she pulled up to her house and opened the gate, two armed and masked men on a motorbike swooped in like vultures.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the hoodlums pounced on the helpless woman, snatching the chain from her neck. One of the miscreants, riding pillion on the bike, dismounted and grabbed the woman’s jewelry as she valiantly resisted.

Things take a turn for worse as one of the robbers brandished a firearm at her. The woman, however, refused to be a victim and confronted her attacker in a desperate bid to reclaim her stolen property. But it was all in vain, as the criminals made a quick getaway.

The police have taken swift action, lodging an FIR under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The Facts of the Matter

Chain-snatching is a growing menace in many parts of the world, leaving innocent victims traumatized and vulnerable. Chain-snatchers prey on unsuspecting victims, often targeting women and the elderly, and their brazen attacks in broad daylight have sent shockwaves through many communities.

Despite the risk of being injured or worse, a woman recently confronted her assailants, highlights the courage it takes to stand up to these miscreants. The most recent incident in question took place in Lucknow’s Krishna Nagar.

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What Does the Video Show

CCTV footage showed two bike-borne miscreants setting their sights on their next victim. They watched as a woman rode towards her house on her trusty scooter, unaware of the imminent danger lurking. As she opened the gate, the brazen thieves struck, snatching a gold chain from her neck at gunpoint.

The entire incident was captured in a CCTV footage that has since gone viral on social media. The woman can be seen bravely resisting her attackers, but her efforts were no match for their brute strength of the accused.

One of the culprits, riding pillion, dismounted from the bike and snatched the chain from the woman’s neck. She valiantly attempted to hold onto it, but the thug pulled out a gun, and she was left with no choice but to back off.

Watch the Video here

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FIR Registered

A Hindustan Times report quoted ADCP (south) Shashank Singh saying, “An FIR has been lodged under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. A senior police official also visited the incident site. Details from the CCTV footage are being collected. We have received some clues. We expect to solve the case soon.”

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Watch: Pune Girl Bravely Faces Chain-Snatcher, Causes Him to Flee

Earlier in March this year, a similar incident was reported from Pune, where a 10-year-old girl stood her ground, and bravely confronted chain-snatcher. The 10-year-old girl, who was later identified as Rutvi was walking with her grandmother and another family member when a scooter-borne chain-snatcher tries to yank her grandmother’s chain. However, Rutvi landed several blows with the bag she was carrying, prompting the accused to flee the scene.


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