Finally after two postponements, a launch which was supposed to happen on Monday and then on Tuesday, SpaceX attempted the launch of Falcon 9 rocket today. The SpaceX launch is live and up for streaming currently. 

The weather is favorable for launch at the launch pad. It is expected that at about eight minutes after the liftoff, the Falcon 9 rocket’s first-stage booster will target an automatic landing on the Just Read the Instructions drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 230 foot rocket is packed with 60 Starlink internet satellites slated to join nearly 1,000 other internet satellites which are already in low-Earth orbit. 

From last year SpaceX began to expand its eligibility for public testing of the network, which runs at a cost of $99 a month after $499 was spent for equipment like the satellite dish and wireless router. The coverage is presently restricted to the higher latitudes like Washington state, Montana, Michigan, and parts of Canada.