A few weeks after a famous YouTuber Toxic Madan and his wife were arrested by the Chennai Police, the PUBG YouTuber Madan’s wife told the TN Police that the couple, “don’t have a luxury car, only an Audi A6”. The statement by Madan’s wife Kruthika came after Madan was detained by the police under the Goonda’s Act and she spoke to the media, denying all the allegations against Madan.


Only after few weeks of Cyber Crime wing of Chennai Police took PUBG YouTuber ‘Toxic Madan’ to the task for his obscene comments against women during his live streams, his wife’s statement is making waves on social media. The 25-year-old woman while speaking to the newspersons said-

“Our bank accounts are frozen by the police; our livelihood has been hit as the YouTube channel is shut.”

Kruthika further said that her husband’s deeds cannot come under the National Security Act as he used to live stream playing the South Korean version of PUBG and not the Indian version that was banned in the nation.

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“No Beach Bungalow, No Luxury Cars, only Audi A6”

However, Kruthika’s most controversial statement came when she said-

“We are still living in a rented house and news channels are exaggerating that we are having a beach bungalow. We never have any luxury cars and we just own an Audi A6 car alone.”

Kruthika’s ‘humble opulence’ was called out on social media and her statement has triggered a meme fest since then.

Kruthika further alleged that there haven’t been as many reports against her and her husband Madan as police have been claiming. She also claimed that she and her husband will see everything through by legal means and that they “trust in the justice”.

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“Will face everything legally”: Kruthika

“I have never even played PUBG even once in my lifetime, but lots of news came that, I have been speaking vulgar along with my husband Madan while playing this PUBG game. Also, only 4 of them have been repeatedly giving complaints and cops are confessing to me that 200+ complaints have been registered against him. I and Madan will face everything legally as we trust in the justice”

-Kruthika said, as quoted by IndanHerald.

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Bank Accounts with Rs. 4 Crores Frozen

Earlier, a special team of the Chennai city cybercrime wing was hunting for Madan after the Madras High Court dismissed his initial plea for an anticipatory bail. The cybercrime wing team found that Madan was using VPN (virtual private network) to hide his digital whereabouts. Later, the police froze two of Madan’s account – one of which was operated by his wife Kruthika. Both the accounts together had a total sum of more than Rs. 4 crores. The police further seized an Audi car from their residence.

The Madan-Krithika Love Story

So far, the police have been able to find out the foundational routes of Madan’s career. According to the Police, Madan is an engineering college graduate from Salem. He later moved with his family to Ambattur, Chennai. Soon, Madan along with his father, opened a restaurant. Around this time, Madan met his future wife Kruthika online and the couple fell in love.

It was 2019 when Madan started playing PUBG and it was never the same for him again. Soon, he started his YouTube channel Toxic Madan. His obscene live commentary during the games attracted a huge fanbase, mainly comprising of juveniles. After the police received multiple complaints against Madan, they registered cases under IPC, IT Act, Idecent Representation of Women Prohibition Act.