The test-firing of the Agni-V from the Abdul Kalam Island close to the shore of Odisha took place on 15 December 2022

Agni-V is a intercontinental ballistic missile developed by India's DRDO that is capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

Weight : 50000 kg   Length : 17.5 m  Maximum Speed : Mach 24 Accuracy : <10 m Weight of Nuclear Warhead  1500 kg

Operational Range : 7,000–8,000 Kilometers (Exact range is classified) Guidance System : Ring Laser Gyroscope Inertial Navigation System. Optionally Augmented by GPS/NavIC Satellite Guidance

The Agni-V is a three-stage missile. Missile can be launched from any location without the need for any pre-built launch site.