In a bizzarre incident reported from UP’s Amroha, wedding guests attending a function were asked to show Aadhaar card to get their hands on the food being served in one of the functions. The ordeal was so shocking for wedding guests, that some of them pulled out their phones and started taking videos of incident. Visuals from the wedding have since gone viral on social media.

In one of the videos taken from outside the wedding venue, one can see a crowd of wedding attendees gathered together, waiting for their turn to enter the venue. One man seems to be showing his Aadhaar card to the person on a person on the wedding venue gate, and then laughingly turns around at the camera laughingly says something.

According to reports, the incident took place earlier on September 21 at Hasanpur where two sisters were getting married at the same wedding venue. The family of the brides started getting worried when they saw a huge turnout, many of whom they did not recognize.

To make sure that only those who were invited enters, they asked the guests to show their Aadhaar cards. While some guests considered this an insult, and left the wedding, others who had their Aadhaar card simply showed it and enjoyed the wedding festivities.

The Facts of the Matter

For many people, wedding can be a financially burdening affair. An event where if one does not appropriately estimate at the number of plates and the number of guests, they stand to lose a hefty chunk of their savings. A family in Uttar Pradesh was having none of that, and they decided to implement a simple technique to save such unnecessary expenses.

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Aadhaar Card’s New Implementation

While Aadhaar is a one-stop entry point for Indians for identification & various welfare schemes, a family in UP decided to make use of Aadhaar to sift through uninvited and invited wedding guests.

The wedding was reported from Hasanpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha district and took place earlier on September 21. As per reports, the venue was hosting the baraat of two brides who were getting married at the same time.

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“Food started disappearing”

As the wedding party progressed, the family from the bride’s side started panicking seeing the huge turnout, with several people that they did not even recognize. A local was also quoted in a TOI report saying, “There was a large crowd and food started disappearing from the table within seconds. This left the wedding hosts worried.”

Bride’s Family Comes Up with Idea

Soon, the bride’s family spoke to the groom’s side and shared an idea as to how the crowd could be managed. The bride’s side suggested that only people who are carrying their Aadhaar cards would be allowed to enter the feast venue.

Much to the bride’s family’s relief, the groom’s side agreed to the suggestion and a person was asked to allow only those people who were carrying a legitimate Aadhaar card. Meanwhile, guests were in for a rude shock when they were asked to show the identification card.

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Video Shows Guests Showing Aadhaar Card in UP Wedding

Viral video of the incident shows a swarm of ‘baraatis’ gathered around the main gate of the feast venue as one person shows the Aadhaar card, which is denied by the “examiner”. Shahil Mohammad, speaking from the groom’s side, said that as there were two weddings happening at the same time, the guests from the other wedding also snuck in to have food. He also added that it was natural for the bride’s family to panic in such a situation.


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