In a shocking incident, a West Bengal-based man traveled as many as 65 km to remove a 150-year-old ancient ‘trishul’ pierced through his neck. The incident was reported from West Bengal’s Nadia region and the man who traveled 65 km to have the trishul removed was identified as Bhaskar Ram. According to reports, a man pierced his Bhaskar’s throat with a 30-cm-long trishul over a trivial argument.

According to reports, earlier on Sunday evening, Bhaskar had an argument with a person over a trivial reason, and later suffered a trauma injury where the man pierced his throat with a long trident. When the incident happened Bhaskar’s sister passed out at the scene. Meanwhile Bhaskar, who suffered the trauma injury, did not only feel any pain, but took himself to a hospital 65 km from Kalyani.

Sometime around 3 am earlier on Monday morning. Bhaskar reached the NRS Medical College in Kolkata with the trident pierced through his neck. Medics rushed over and found out that the 30 cm trident was still jammed tightly in Bhaskar’s neck.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, the hospital staff performed an emergency surgery, which surprisingly lasted only for few hours. The surgery, headed under the supervision of Dr. Pranabasis Banerjee, was successful and the trident was removed successfully.

The Facts of the Matter

While most trauma injuries are potentially fatal if not dealt with timely, some are so bizarre in its nature that they are painless and relatively stress free. One such injury was recently witnessed by the staff of NRS Medical College, Kolkata, when a patient rushed to the emergency surgery with a 150-year-old ‘trishul’ (trident) pierced through his neck.

According to reports, one Bhaskar Ram, traveled 65 km with the 30-cm-long trident pierced through his neck, an ordeal, which he told doctors was painless for him.

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Man has Argument, Gets Trident Pierced Through Neck

It so happened that earlier on Sunday, Bhaskar had an argument with someone over trivial issues when the other person jammed a sharp trident down Bhaskar’s neck. While in most cases a gush of blood would’ve trickled down one’s neck, Bhaskar not only didn’t face such an ordeal, but also felt no pain in the misadventure.

Traveling 65 km to Hospital After Sister Passess Out

Meanwhile his sister who saw the altercation, passed out when she saw the trident being jammed through Bhaskar’s neck. Bhaskar meanwhile decided to take matters in his own hand, travelled 65 km from Kalyani to Kolkata, and rushed to the NRS Medical College.

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On Duty Staff Stunned

The on-duty staff at the hospital were stunned to see that Bhaskar was not exhibiting any signs of pain or discomfort. However, seeing how tricky the situation was, a team of doctor was formed which was led by Dr Pranabashish Banerjee, an ENT specialst, along with Dr Arpita Mahanti, Dr Madhurima, and Dr Sutirtha Saha.

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Successful Surgery

The team of doctors performed an emergency surgery to remove the 30-cm-long, 15-year-old trident from Bhaskar’s neck. The surgery was performed under the supervision of Dr. Banerjee, and the trident was successfully removed from Bhasker’s neck, in a procedure that lasted only a few hours.


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