In a shocking incident reported from West Bengal, a minor was allegedly raped and killed in Kaliaganj area. In the tragic aftermath, the deceased victim’s body was seen being dragged by the cops in broad daylight, prompting clashes that have erupted in the region.

The girl had gone missing while on her way to tuition classes on Thursday, and her body was found in a pond a day later. Tension gripped the area when local residents, along with the victim’s family members, blocked a road with her body, demanding punishment for the culprits, and alleging that it was a gangrape.

The situation quickly escalated, with the police being pelted with bricks, leading to a lathi charge, and several people being detained. The incident has sparked a political tussle between BJP and TMC, with both parties trading allegations against each other, while the gravity of the horrific crime has been overshadowed by the political blame game.

In a shocking video shared by BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya, police officials can be seen dragging the body of the victim, showing utter insensitivity towards the victim’s family and the heinous crime that had been committed.

Meanwhile, TMC Uttar Dinajpur district president Kanailal Aggarwal along with other TMC members, visited the family. “Like the residents, we too are angry,” he said.

The Facts of the Matter

The brutal rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl in West Bengal’s Uttar Dinajpur district has once again brought to light the harrowing reality of sexual violence against women in India. However, what makes this incident even more disturbing is the political blame game that has ensued in its aftermath.

In the aftermath of the horrific murder, both state-leading party TMC and in-contention BJP have been locking horns on social media, hurling allegations, with both trying to score points against the other.

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Victim Found Dead in Pond

A disturbing incident occurred in the Uttar Dinajpur district of West Bengal, where a 17-year-old girl was found dead in a pond on Friday morning, a day after she went missing. The family of the victim has alleged that she was raped before being brutally murdered. The police have arrested a suspect, Javed Akhtar, who was known to the victim. The girl had gone missing on her way to tuition classes on Thursday.

Clashes Erupt, Lathi Charge Ensues

Upon discovering her lifeless body in the pond the next day, local residents, along with the victim’s family, blocked a road with her body, demanding justice for the culprits, alleging it was a case of gang rape. This led to a clash with the police, resulting in a lathi charge and several people being detained. The area was soon filled with a large number of police personnel to maintain order.

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BJP and TMC Lock Horns Among Tragedy

Tension and anger gripped the area as allegations against each other were thrown by the political behemoths BJP and TMC. Kaliaganj MLA Soumen Roy and Trinamool Congress’s Uttar Dinajpur district president Kanailal Aggarwal along with other TMC leaders took to the family and visited them in their hour of grief.

On the other hand, BJP’s leader Suvendu Adhikari took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the matter, stating, “Sorry state of Law & Order situation in WB as @WBPolice is busy with making security arrangements for ‘Bhaipo’s Nabajowar’. Unfortunately the common people, especially women, are paying the price. The perpetrators are getting emboldened due to the inaction of the state government.”

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Purported Video Shows Victim’s Body Being Dragged

The political tussle continued as Amit Malviya, BJP IT cell chief, shared a video of the police dragging the victim’s body. Suvendu Adhikari also alleged that two BJP leaders who wanted to meet the victim’s family were not allowed to do so.

Go to the link below, to watch the video:

The police, meanwhile, have stated that they have arrested accused persons and are interrogating them.

They also claimed that no injury marks were found on the girl’s body and that a poison bottle was also recovered from the place.


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