A woman in West Bengal recently went on a murderous rampage, allegedly stabbed a family of four, including a 13-year-old girl. The accused allegedly committed the crime over Rakhi celebration tiff. The incident was reported from Howrah’s Mc Ghosh Lane and occurred earlier on Wednesday.

The accused was identified as Pallabi Ghosh. The victims were identified as Pallabi’s mother-in-law Madhabi (58), her brother-in-law, Debashis (36), Rekha (31), and 13-year-old daughter of Rekha and Debashis.

According to reports, earlier on Wednesday, a heated argument ensued between the family members of the accused over Rakhi celebrations. The argument took a turn for worse when the house tap on the residence’s ground floor remained open.

The accused woman blamed her mother-in-law about the same, and claimed that she faced scarcity of water due to such instances. As the arguments escalated, an enraged Pallabi pulled out a sharp dagger and went on a murderous spree. All the victims succumbed to their injuries.

As per the preliminary investigation, the family used to lock horns over myriad of issues over the course of years. Further, it was also revealed that the accused remained on medication throughout the time of killing.

The Facts of the Matter

A woman went on a horrific killing spree in West Bengal, an incident that has sent waves of shock across the state’s Howrah district. The incident was reported from Mc Ghosh Lane in Howrah, West Bengal, and occurred earlier on Wednesday. While the police are yet to confirm whether the woman suffers from mental illness, it is being reported that the murders were committed after an argument over Rakhi celebration.

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The Victims, Accused and Family Dynamics

According to reports, the accused in the matter was identified as Pallabi Ghosh. Ghosh was arrested for charges of murdering her mother-in-law, elder brother-in-law, his wife, and their daughter. The victims were identified as Madhabi, Debashis, Rekha, and the 13-year-old girl.

As per a TOI report, Pallabi Ghosh stayed on the first-floor of the family’s residence with her husband and their 8-year-old son. The other couple – Debashis, Rekha, and their daughter, lived on the ground floor.

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Argument Ensues, Accused Goes on Killing Spree

Earlier on Wednesday, an argument ensued between the family members over the celebrations of Rakhi. The argument escalated when Pallabi noticed an open tap running. She blamed her mother-in-law that she suffered scarcity of water because of such instances.

This was when the argument further escalated and an enraged Pallabi let her anger get the worst of her. She pulled out a sharp knife and went on the murderous rampage – murdering the aforementioned individuals, including the 13-year-old family member.

The individuals suffered from injuries on their neck, shoulders, chest and hands. They all succumbed to the injuries on the spot.

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Investigation Ensues

The police were called to the scene and an investigation ensued. As per the preliminary investigation, Pallabi already confessed to the crime. She also told the police that she was on medications throughout the day.

While the accused is charged for murder of the above-mentioned people, her husband continues to be on the run and a search is on to nab him as well. Meanwhile, the police are also consulting relevant authorities to identify whether the accused suffers from mental illness.


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