Remember about the change in WhatsApp Privacy Policy? Yes, the one which invited a lot of controversies. That privacy policy is back in the news. Do you wish to know what will happen when you don’t accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp?  

To start with, WhatsApp extended the effective date to May 15th so that the users can understand the changes at their own pace.

So, What if the user doesn’t accept the terms and conditions by 15th May? Will WhatsApp delete the user account? 

To that, 

  • WhatsApp will not delete the user account. 
  • Though the user will not be able to use all the functions of WhatsApp. 
  • For a short time, users will be able to receive notifications and calls.
  • Users will not be able to read or send messages via WhatsApp.

What option does a user have?

  • Simplest of all is, accept the update after 15th May, or
  • Export your chats on iPhone or Android and download a report of your account,
  • You can also delete your account in case you don’t wish to continue with WhatsApp, but in that case, you will lose all your data (Messages, documents, pictures, etc).

The new privacy policy has been controversial among some users, who worry that it allows WhatsApp to share their private messages with their parent company Facebook. Although messages between individuals on WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end, so only their recipients can see their content.

The new privacy policy deals with messages sent to businesses that can be stored on Facebook servers and whose data can be used for advertising. Although WhatsApp has already shared some of the personal information with Facebook since 2016.

In response to the outrage, WhatsApp announced that it would delay the introduction of the new privacy policy, which was originally due to come into force on 8 February.

Last week, WhatsApp revealed how it would explain the new privacy policy to its users, in an effort that included a banner inside the app explaining the new policy.

The Facebook-owned messaging service says it has not deleted any accounts not accepting the new terms on May 15, and users will be able to accept the new privacy policy even after that date.

However, it cautions that it generally deletes accounts after being inactive for 120 days.

If the user has decided to delete their account from their Android, iPhone, or KaiOS device, they have to be very sure as the process is irreversible. Messages and data will be completely erased and you will be removed from all your WhatsApp groups. According to the company, WhatsApp backup will also be removed.

The company recently revealed that they are adding some new features within the application that it claims will help users understand the new policy and clean up ‘misinformation’ around it.

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