The Latest Tanishq video ad under their campaign to launch their new product range Ekatvam has been facing heavy trolls across social media. People are registering their anger via social media for their latest video campaign.
But why?
What is the matter all about?

Let us have a look.

The ad is showcasing a baby shower ceremony of a girl belonging to a Hindi family, of course, this baby shower ceremony is arranged by their in-laws who all belong to the Muslim community. The girl gets surprised after seeing the arrangements for her baby shower ceremony and gets filled with emotions asks her mother-in-law, “Ye rasam toh aapke yaha hoti bhi nahi hai na” which says “your community doesn’t follow these traditions, right?” and the mother-in-law in return says, “par betiyon ko khush rakhne ki rasam toh har ghar me hoti hai na” which says, “but every community follows the tradition of taking care of their daughters’ happiness”
This comes with a beautiful voice over voicing Divya Dutta which gives a message of love between the two communities.

Not a single element of the ad promotes any kind of hatred.
Why are the people following the trend #boycotttanishq then?
What’s the problem?

I, actually feel that these are very sensitive things and are always promoted by some people who don’t want the country to stay peaceful.
A common man never promotes hatred, it’s these people who want the people to be divided, I feel!!
The common people just follow the trend.
I am not here defending Tanishq, which anyway hasn’t done anything to face such kind of hatred, but I am just talking about the way people have responded.

It’s very simple logic, no matter we are Hindu or Muslim, all of us have a friend, neighbor, colleague, mate, belonging to the opposite community. We never portray our hate for them neither do they. We never stand against them, but we also become a part of such campaigns spreading hatred.

Do not go with the flow.
Do not #boycotttanishq.
They have given a very beautiful message. Stay calm and spread love.
I know I might also face a lot of backlash from you people, but what’s right, remains right.