Data security is one of the most important things in this world. In fact, it is one of the fields with the most number of job and business opportunities. With the growing technology, digital information and data creation have paced up. It is very important for organisations to maintain the well-being of their stakeholder’s information. 

In a similar pursuit, WhatsApp messenger has been working long on protecting the data of its users. The famous messenger company has recently announced the introduction of a new feature in the messenger which will allow users to protect their chats with Fingerprint security. WhatsApp has already provided its iOS-based users with the fingerprint security feature. The feature has now been introduced in the beta version (Version 2.19.221) of Android-based WhatsApp.  The feature is turned off by default, and the user will have to go to the settings menu to turn it on. 

The new feature will have additional options of activating the fingerprint lock either “Immediately” or  “After 1 Minute” or “After 30 Minutes”. The feature will add another level of security for the WhatsApp Users.

These options let you decide when you want the lock to be activated after you lock the phone. In other words, if you choose “Immediate” then the fingerprint lock will activate every time you lock the phone. Hence, you will have to use fingerprints for answering your messages and call every time you lock your phone.

Generally, we find that our friends, younger siblings and sometimes even parents take control of our phone, once we unlock the primary lock screen password and lurk into the messenger app to read our secret chats. It can be alarming sometimes.

However, the new feature will allow the user to protect their phone from any such lurking because the app could be opened by your fingerprint only. Also, it will keep the intruders away who may try to sneak into your chats to steal important information about the business or other things for self-benefit. This is generally done by people who are our business competitors with bad business tactics. 

“I can say that it’s safe for your privacy to enable the Fingerprint lock feature because WhatsApp, like any other app, cannot access to your fingerprint data: the authentication process is managed by the Android system: WhatsApp uses official Android APIs, so no information is sent to WhatsApp/Facebook-Server,” said a spokesperson from WABetaInfo.

This is a great development in the app by the developers. Keeping phone and WhatsApp chat safe is a required feature for every user. WhatsApp has always been introducing the users with some of the other features to make the user experience better every day and we all are indeed thankful to them for this.