As schools in India reopening, there is a lot of concern about delivering COVID-19 vaccines to children. When should children have a COVID-19 vaccine and what are the available choices for children, these are some common questions parents have in their mind. Any medical operation, especially one involving minors, should be subjected to a thorough risk review.  So check out the important details about the corona vaccine in this article.


Children have suffered greatly due to the pandemic, with schools closing and mobility limitations enacted. The approval of Covaxin by Bharat Biotech for backup by an expert council is the first ray of light for parents seeking to protect their children from the feared third COVID-19 wave. Despite the fact that the Drugs Controller General of India has still not validated the vaccine, the public has big anticipations for it.

The very first DNA vaccine ZyCoV-D by Zydus Cadila to be used to combat infection in the world has also surpassed stage 2 trials for children over the age of 12. To find the solutions to every concern, we’ll need to reference some scientific and pediatrics research.

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Covaxin, Covishield, Pfizer or ZyCov-D which is the Most Suitable?

Covaxin appears to be safe because the technology used to make it has a demonstrated track record of safety. However, not enough data has been made publicly available, so it’s difficult to say. However, according to the current situation, this vaccine appears to be the safer approach.

In terms of alternative options, Covishield is still being tested. Pfizer has the most safety data, although there have been concerns regarding myocarditis after the second dosage of vaccination. (In India, pediatric use has not yet been approved.) And because ZyCoV-D is a newbie, more evidence is needed before drawing any conclusions.

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Vaccination is an Efficient Way to Prevent a New Outbreak

In comparison to adults, the degree of infection in children has been lower. However, children are a particularly sensitive group, and if infected, they can transmit the disease quickly. Vaccination appears to be the only best and promising method to prevent new outbreaks of infection for the time being.

Out of 140 billion individuals in India, we have at least certainly 25-30% of the child population. It is very necessary that they are vaccinated in order to protect themselves from both the virus and the third wave.

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Is it a suitable Time to Vaccinate Children, Number of Dosages?

Covaxin is a viral element that has been inactivated. As a result, even though the data hasn’t been fully released and peer-reviewed, it works in the identical way that’s been used to make the majority of children’s vaccines.

For the time being, it appears to be secure. But, it is advised that the parents wait a few more days until sufficient data is available.

Children will receive half of what adults receive, with a dose of 0.5 ml vs. 1 ml for adults. Within four weeks, two injections will be delivered.