14-yo-Vinisha Umashankar gave the COP26 speech at a climate change conference attended by PM Modi, President Biden and other influential leaders from across the globe. In her inspiring speech, she called to arms the population of world to stop talking and start acting when it comes to climate change. “We need to stop thinking about old debates because we need a new vision for a new future,” the teenager proclaimed after she was invited to take the stage by Prince William from UK.

For the uninitiated, Vinisha spoke at the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference. The ongoing conference is the 26th climate change conference and is currently being held at Glasgow, Scotland. The conference started on October 31 and will continue till November 12, 2021. The conference is attended by climate change experts, scientists, and leaders such as PM Modi, US President Joe Biden, UK PM Boris Johnson, among many.


India has been a land of hair-raising speeches and inspirational speakers. What once started with Swami Vivekananda’s speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in 1893, has continued with the same consistency.

This year, Indian diplomat Sneha Dubey made the country proud after she gave Pakistan a befitting reply at the United Nations General Assembly. Exercising her ‘Right to Reply’, Dubey called Pakistan an “arsonist disguising itself as a firefighter”. She further proclaimed Pakistan to vacant the PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) in her speech.

Earlier in 2019, Indian diplomat Vidisha Maitra spoke at the UNGA where she was critical of Pakistan PM Imran Khan for his defensive nature towards the biggest face of terrorism in the recent history – Osama Bin Laden. Similarly, in 2017, diplomat Paulomi Tripathi chose the same venue where she slammed Pakistan for spreading fake news.

Now, 14-year-old teenager Vinisha Umashankar is winning all the praises for her speech at the ongoing climate change conference.

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The Facts of the Matter

When 14-year-old Vinisha walked to the stage of COP26, the weight of the expectations of a 1.3 billion people was on her shoulder. Further, she was going to give a speech in front of an esteemed audience comprising of the likes of PM Modi, Prince William and more.

How Did Vinisha Umashankar Get the Opportunity to Speak at COP26?

Vinisha was given the opportunity to speak at the conference as she was one of the ‘Earthshot Prize’. The Earthshot Prize is sponsored by UK’s royalty Prince William. It’s an award that incentivizes innovators for the global search of solutions to environmental challenges the planet is facing. Vinisha is one of the finalists of the competition.

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“With All Due Respect, Stop Talking and Start Doing”

The 14-year-old gave a rousing speech at the conference. “Today I ask, with all due respect, that we stop talking and start doing. We, The Earthshot Prize Winners and Finalists, need you to back our innovations, projects and solutions, not an economy built on fossil fuels, smoke and pollution. We need to stop thinking about old debates because we need a new vision for a new future. So you need to invest your time, money and effort in us to shape our future!” her proclaimation to the leaders of the world stated.

“Let Me Be Clear, We Will Act”: Vinisha’s Rousing Speech

“I invite you to stand with us. We hope that you will give up the old ways of thinking and the old habits. But let me be clear! When we invite you to join us, we will lead even if you don’t. We will act even if you delay. And we’ll build the future, even if you are still stuck in the past. But please accept my invite and I assure you, you will not regret it,” the young Tamil Nadu girl said.

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Vinisha Umashankar – Youngest Green Innovator in India

Vinisha is one of the youngest green innovators from India. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, she has been credited for the creation of an ironing power cart called iron-max. Her innovation focuses on replacing the charcoal heated ironing presses with sustainable solutions. Her innovation is able to power an ironing press for up to 6 hours with 5 hours of sunshine. More importantly, it eliminates about 5 kilograms of charcoal by every street vendor per day.