The story of how Odisha’s Archana Nag honey-trapped big shots in Odisha, including several MLAs and filmmakers is so outlandish and unbelievable, that it may read like a film story to some.

Currently lodged in jail, she extorted several crores of rupees from high-profile people in the state and is currently in the middle of a jaw-dropping extortion case. Archana reportedly used to connect the with the victims on social media, called her honey-trapping victims to her house, and then got intimate with them.

According to reports, Archana’s husband used to operate a used car showroom where Archana got acquainted with the who’s who of Odisha. She befriended the wealthiest of the lots, and offered them “female company”. She used to take intimate pictures with such individiauls, and would laterr blackmail them for money.

The matter came to the fore when a film producer alleged that Archana demanded Rs 3 crores from him, showing him his pictures with some girls.

The case has been receiving attention by locals and masses alike as parties in Odisha have been alleging that BJD leaders were involved. As per BJP Bhubaneshwar president in Odisha, as many as 25 political leaders from BJD were in Archana’s “network”.

Rags to riches story of Archana will also spawn a film made by Odia maker Sridhar.

The Facts of the Matter

The case of Sukesh Chandrasekhar, where hundreds of high-profile celebrities were duped of crores of rupees, shed light on how even high-profile celebrities are vulnerable to scams. Now, it’s the story of Archana Nag that is making buzz on social media and news channels across nation.

The rags to riches story of Archana Nag, a woman accused of honey-trapping several big shots in Odisha and extorting crores of rupees from them is so fascinating that it is now being made into a film.

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Coming to Bhubaneshwar, Getting Married

Born in Kalahandi’s Lanjigarh, Archana’s formative years were spent in Kesinga. In 2015, she came to Bhubaneshwar and met Jagbandhu Chand. She worked at a private security firm, and later married Jagbandhu in 2018 while she worked in a beauty parlor.

Archana’s husband owned a used car showroom and was acquainted to the who’s who of Odisha, including political leaders, filmmakers, businessmen, and more. This is how Archana got close to her victims.

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Luring Victims, Extorting Money From Them

Archana used to befriend her victims, lure them into her home, provided them with her company. She then used to take intimate pictures with these powerful men and then blackmailed them for money. Her ‘sextortion’ would have continued had it not been for a film producer.

A film producer filed a complaint with the police, alleging that Archana showed him his pictures with other men, and was demanding Rs 3 crores from him to not release them.

The Arrest & The Investigation

On the basis of this complaint, and another complaint raised by a girl, Archana was arrested earlier on October 6.

An investigation soon showed the extent of the extortion racket. Archana and her husband properties worth at least Rs 30 crores in four years, with earning mostly in COVID-19 pandemic.

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BJP & Congress Come Together to Target BJD

The case is making buzz for its political twist as well. Congress and BJP have both alleged BJD workers for their involvement in the matter. Congress MLA S S Saluja went as far as claiming that Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik shieled those who were in Archana’s network.

Meanwhile, BJP president Babu Singh also alleged that at least 25 leaders, including 18 Odisha MLAs were in Archana’s network.


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