Jacinta Kerketta is a young poet and independent journalist from Jharkhand. Forbes recently included her name on its list of India’s self-made women in 2022. Jacinta is a member of the Oraon tribe from a rural community near Khudpos in the West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. She has received national and international acclaim for her contributions to contemporary Hindi writing.

Why did Forbes include her Name in India’s Self-Made Women 2022 Roaster?

Jacinta is Jharkhand’s first Adivasi poetess, and her poetry has been published worldwide in three different languages. Kerketta’s literary works, which primarily deal with water, forests, soil, and Adivasi concerns, have earned worldwide fame. She has also performed poetry at universities in Australia, Germany, Italy, and France. Jacinta’s poems aim to demonstrate the challenges and hopes of young Adivasi’s in Jharkhand, both within the state and in major cities.

Forbes India unveiled the rundown of women on its website, asserting that it includes women who are breaking stereotypes, refuting skeptics, and innovating.  We looked for self-made candidates instead of those with inherited prosperity or position. “We looked for those who had gained notoriety or influenced valuable stories in the previous 12 months, as well as those who had truly inspirational stories to tell,” as stated in a write-up on Forbes India’s website.

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Forbes List Also Includes Katrina Kaif, Nikhat Zareen, and Madhabi Puri Buch

The Forbes list also features Bollywood star and Kay Beauty co-founder Katrina Kaif; world boxing champion Nikhat Zareen, who challenged sexism; Leena Nair, the Kolhapur native chosen to lead Chanel , the 112-year-old French elite house, Anju Srivastava, who established Wingreen Farms, flourishing dips, and sauces firm, in her mid-40’s.

Moreover, the Forbes roaster includes SEBI chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch and digital content creator Kusha Kapila.

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What Does Jacinta do?

Jacinta Kerketta also works in tribal villages to educate youngsters about tribal history, heritage, women’s lives, and challenges. Kerketta is also working on short poems and diaries for children, published in the magazine Cycle, which the Bhopal-based Iktara Trust publishes. This collection of writings is about tribal life and philosophy. Jacinta is the creator of two bilingual (Hindi and English) full-length poetry archives, Angor (Adivani, Kolkata) and Jadon Ki Zameen (Bharatiya Jnanpith, New Delhi).

Kerketta understands Mundari, Ho, Khariya, and English and speaks Hindi, Santhali, and Sadri.

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My Poetry is influenced by ‘Universal Value’: Jacinta Kerketta

Jacinta Kerketta states, The dislocation of indigenous populations in the name of advancement and the perpetual appropriation of their natural assets, the colonial ideology widespread in our country, the battle of indigenous communities to protect their water, forests, and land, their fundamental issues and philosophy of life are at the heart of my literary works, she adds. “My poetry is influenced by the concept of universal value,’ which is still fresh among indigenous communities close proximity to nature.”


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