Since the advent of ICC World Cup 2019, people have been going nuts over the poor planning of ICC (International Cricket Conference). They are blaming ICC’s decision of hosting the main event of their most loved sports in England & Wales during the rainy season. Almost every match has been inflicted by rains and 4 matches have been cancelled up till now due to heavy rains. It has broken the record of “Most Abandoned Matches in Cricket World Cup” already and there are still a lot of matches to be played.

But who is to be blamed for this? ICC, Indra Dev or anyone else? Let’s understand.

ICC had developed a rotation policy in 1983, which would allow every cricket playing bloc (a group of countries) to host the world cup. Well, why wouldn’t anyone want to host one of the biggest live events? The rotation policy allows the countries to hold the world cup tournament once in every 20 years.

As a result, India & Pakistan got the chance to become the host of 1987’s World Cup, followed by Australia & New Zealand for 1992, Asian Bloc (India, Sri Lanka & Pakistan) for 1996 & England for 1999.

On 30th April 2006, the chief persons (representing the cricketing association of major cricket playing nations) gathered to decide the hosts/venues of upcoming ICC Events falling between 2007 to 2019.

South Africa had hosted the World Cup in the year 2003 & West Indies in 2007 while Australia and New Zealand were prepared to host the next World Cup of 2011. However, being one of the biggest cricket organisation in the world, BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) holds a dominance amongst the world cricket bloc. Hence, they put pressure on ICC to give the Asian bloc an opportunity to host the World Cup 2011 event, promising that they will yield the high-end-returns & extraordinary TRP around the world.

ICC conducted a voting session where the top teams from across the world would cast their vote in favour or against the idea of 2011 World Cup being hosted by India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Bangladesh. The voting session resulted in a 10 to 3 stats with 10 votes in favour of Asian bloc. As a result, the 2011 World Cup was held and hosted in Asia.

This as a consequence, compelled ICC to disturb its rotation policy. Therefore, Australia & New Zealand hosted World Cup, 2015 and  England & Wales are hosting the World Cup 2019.

And this chaos is a conclusion of un-called-for dominance of BCCI, back in the year 2006 only. So now you know who is to be blamed for the failed decision of ICC to host Cricket World Cup 2019 in England & Wales, the ones who are behind our Bleeding Blue Heroes.