The story of Umesh Reddy, a cop turned serial killer and serial rapist, will be featured in “Beast of Bangalore” a true-crime docuseries. Reddy, who has been in solitary confinement at Hindalga jail, Belagavi for 15 years, is on a death row, with multiple mercy pleas to the President being rejected. An accused of 21 cases of rape and murder, this will be the first time Umesh’s dark deeds will be presented as a docuseries on Netflix.

The first trailer of the season 4 of Indian Predator web documentary series recently released and netizens have since been curious to know more about the man whose deeds were so dark, they were not even spoken of much. The new season of the show will be premiered on December 16, 2022, on Netflix.

According to reports, Umesh Reddy, infamously known as BA Umesh, was a serial-killer and serial-rapist, who reportedly murdered as many as 18 women, raped as many as 20 women, and also indulged in necrophilia.

What makes the sordid saga of Umesh so triggering, is the suspicion of authorities, who have stated that Umesh could’ve committed far more murders and rapes as several such incidents went underreported.

Reddy was also the subject of a B-Grade Kannada film ‘Khatarnak’, which released earlier in 2013.

The Facts of the Matter

The first three seasons of Indian Predator, have delved into the uncomfortable space of what a psychopath criminal is all about. While the first season was focused on serial killer Chandrakant Jha, the second season focused on the horrific crimes of Raja Kolander. The third series focused on Akku Yadav, another serial rapist.

In its fourth season, the show will be taking a deep look at the infamous cases of Umesh Reddy aka BA Reddy, a serial killer, and serial rapist, who allegedly committed at least 18 murders, and raped 20 women.

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BA Reddy’s Shocking Admittance

After his arrest in 1998, Reddy admitted to several offences. What was more startling was that the psyche that got revealed in Reddy’s confession. Reddy reportedly enjoyed murdering women, and carried their inner-clothes in his bag. He also enjoyed wearing the clothes of his victims. After he used to get caught for crimes, he used to escape, and took different identities.

The Cruel Modus Operandi

His interrogation also shed light on his devious modus operandi. He used to target single women, housewives, and widows. He used to stalk them, observe their habits, and then used to attack them. He also had a specific time for “hunting” – 11 am to 2 pm. A time when most men would be out for their work and children away at school.

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BA Reddy was a Cop Before Being Convicted

BA Reddy, a circle officer turned criminal, used to threaten his victims using sharp objects. He then used to rape them after strangling them to death. And then fled away with their inner clothes and some valuables.

A The Hindu report quoted a police officer involved in investigation saying, ““He was a police constable before he was dismissed on charges of rape. He is also a fugitive former employee of a central police organisation. This gave him an understanding of the working of the police department.”

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Mercy Petition Pending in SC

While he was accused in several cases, the figurative noose of the law tightened around him in a 1998 murder and rape case. Since then, he has been in jail in Belagavi, appealing for mercy petitions.

After the Government of Karnataka rejected his mercy plea in May 2012, he filed a mercy petition to the President of India, which was also rejected. In 2013, he filed another petition, pending before the Supreme Court as of now.

Watch Trailer of Beast of Bangalore here


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