A spurned lover in Aurangabad asked ‘why don’t you love me?’ to an 18-year-old girl before he slit his throat with a ‘kirpan’, according to reports. Later, the man was held from sister’s home and was booked for murdering the 18-year-old victim.

The victim, identified as Sukhpreet Kaur, also known as Kashish Preetpalsingh Granthi was killed near Aurangabad’s Deogiri College earlier on Saturday. The accused was identified as 20-year-old Sharansingh Sethi. The accused had a history of stalking the victim. On Saturday, the accused dragged the victim 200 m away from her college where she was pursuing BBA. The young man took her to the city’s heart and stabbed her at around 2 pm, not before he inquired why she doesn’t love him.

Following the incident, the young victim was taken to the Government Medical College and Hospital for postmortem. The postmortem examination revealed that she was stabbed as many as 14 times in her neck and multiple times in her stomach. CCTV footage acquired by the police also revealed that the accused dragged the victim along the college road before he slit her throat.

Earlier on Sunday, 20-year-old accused Sharansingh Sethi was arrested from his sister’s house by the police team lead by Superintendent of Police Sachin Patil.

The Facts of the Matter

Love is a beautiful emotion which when channelized in a constructive way, can lead a person to leave a content and blissful life. However, when a twisted idea of love equates to ownership of a person, it poisons a relationship, and can often lead to catastrophic incidents.

Recently, in Aurangabad, a 20-year-old jilted suitor killed an 18-year-old girl he was known to have stalked in past. The accused slit the victim’s throat multiple times and also asked her – “Why don’t you love me?”.

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Victim was BBA I Year Student

The victim in the matter was 18-year-old Sukhpreet Kaur, a BBA I Year student of Deogiri College in Aurangabad. The accused is identified as 20-year-old Sharansingh Sethi, who was held earlier on Sunday. The horrific incident transpired earlier on Saturday.

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Accused Dragged Victim Away from College

According to CCTV footage acquired by the police, the accused dragged the victim 200 m away from the Deogiri College campus. The accused used a kirpan to slit the victim’s throat and stab her multiple times in her stomach. After the incident, the victim was taken to the Government Medical College and Hospital for postmortem.

Jilted Lover Stabbed Girl 14 Times in Neck

Postmortem revealed that the accused stabbed the victim thrice in her stomach and further attacked her throat fourteen times with the sharp object. Meanwhile, the deceased victim’s elder brother filed a complaint at the Vedantnagar police station. Based on the complaint the police registered an FIR against the accused fort stalking and murdering the 18-year-old girl.

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Accused had Forced Victim to Come to Coffee Shop Earlier

It should be noted that the accused had a history of stalking the victim in various devious manners. In her statement to the police, the victim’s friend stated that Sethi harassed Sukhpreet a day before the crime.

On Friday, the accused snatched the victim’s phone and vehicle keys. He only returned the keys and phone when the victim agreed to his idea of joining him on a coffee shop.

Arrest Made

Based on the statements provided by the victim’s family and friends, and the footage available from CCTV footage, Sethi was identified as the suspect. Based on the tip off provided by another police station in Aurangabad, a team led by Superintendent of Police Sachi Patil, the accused was nabbed earlier on Sunday in Lasalgaon’s Ganeshnagar area.


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