In a recent revelation, Wajid Khan’s wife Kamalrukh in her latest Instagram post shared a new divulgence that the late musician, Wajid Khan alarmed her by mentioning that he will divorce her if she isn’t ready to convert her religion. This happened in the year 2014, and since then both of them started to live separately. 

In an interview that Kamalrukh did recently, she gave new insights about her relationship with the late Wajid Khan. She appreciated her deceased husband but mentioned that he wasn’t a ‘strong-minded’ individual and he happens to get ‘influenced’ easily.

She added further that in his last moments he suffered a lot, not only because of COVID-19 illness but also because he wasn’t allowed to meet his family.

Kamalrukh Khan, a clinical hypnotherapist, is the wife of Late music composer Wajid Khan. She has been in news these days because of her Instagram post wherein she has shared a long note describing her shares of how her in-laws were harassing her when she denied converting to Islam. Kamalrukh shared that her two kids, a daughter aged 16-years and a son aged 9-years, are being denied of their rights and inheritance just because she refused to convert her religion.

In her post on Saturday, Kamalrukh shared she spoke about her marital journey and why she supports the anti-conversion bill. She also mentioned that she connects to the issue due to the suffering that she and her kids are facing. Kangana Ranaut also expressed her support for Kamalrukh’s post.

Kamalrukh shared that she and Wajid were ‘college sweethearts’ and out of love, they got married under the Special Marriages Act. She, being a Parsi and he, being a Muslim, the act allowed them to get married and at the same time practice their own religions and follow their own faith. But as soon as they got married, the in-law side of the family started creating pressure on her to convert. Her refusal to do so caused differences in her relationship with Wajid and this impacted his ability to be a father to their kids.

Wajid Khan was a famous name and a part of the Bollywood Music industry. He died in the month of May of this year due to a cardiac arrest and was also tested COVID-19 positive. Wajid was part of the duo “Sajid-Wajid”. Kamalrukh expressed her grieve and said that she along with her children misses Wajid and wished that he would have spent more time with them and without religious prejudices.

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