Some people invest their life in creating inventions which will change the face of humanity. Some people are innovative enough to make 4 to 5 major innovations in their life. However, this Indian Guy, who is being said the “King of Innovations” has created 147 inventions during his life up till now. Not only his innovation make the life of the people easy, but they are also affordable and easy to access. 

Meet Uddhab Bharali a guy born in Lakhimpur district of Assam on 7 April 1962. As a child, Uddhab belonged to a very poor family and never had many luxuries to cherish during those days.  

His family was in debt. Unfortunately, he had to discontinue his studies after primary school. A childhood, which was full of poverty-stricken days and hungry nights and hardly any good memories, are the few factors that made him the Marvel he is today. 

Uddhab was always fond of mathematics and science. He was so intelligent that he got double promoted twice to 3rd Standard from 1st and to 8th Grade from 6th because of his excellent performances in the curriculum. Many times, he was made to stand out of class because of his peculiar questioning habits. This shows that he has been curious since a very young age.

How it all Began?

Further, burdened by his family debts, he decided to clear the debts and supports his father by starting his own business. He took up a project of manufacturing plastic covers with a polythene making company.

However, the machine that was needed to manufacture the product came at an exorbitant price of around Rs 6 lakhs at that time. Uddhab, being short-handed at money, decided to make his machine. As a result, the machine was invented at a subsidized cost of Rs 67,000. The machine he invented Under was polythene the making machine which made Plastic Covers to help the tea garden workers.

On being asked about the beginning of his journey in the field of innovation, Uddhab speaks “People often begin their success stories from zero, but mine was not the same. My journey started with minus Rs 18 lakhs. That was the amount of debt that my family had to clear. It was during those hard days only that I got the chance to work for the polythene making company.”

The successful development of this machine ignited a fire in Uddhab. He decided to create more such affordable gadgets for day-to-day use and make people’s lives more convenient with his inventions.

Some of the Cool Inventions of Uddhab

  • Uddhab took a metal pipe and welded it to an array of Forks. He devised a new tool to plant a sapling easily and simply. This invention was very much useful for the farmers working in paddy fields. He further perfected this tool and turned it into a seeding machine. The machine helps in planting more sapling at the same time.
  • Uddhab has also developed a very cost-effective wood stove. It costs as little as Rs. 600/- and it lets people cook food by burning a lot less firewood as compared to the convention wood stoves.
  • To curb the problem of areca nut peelers who often got their fingers chopped while extracting the nut out of the shell, Uddhab developed “Areca Nut Peeler”. This tool can peel over 100-200 areca nuts in a single minute. 
  • Uddhab has also done a series of notable work for specially-abled people to make them independent. He has created a series of affordable modular solutions for people without feet or hands. These devices help them to eat food, handle a cup and even write, simply using an elbow pad.
  • Uddhab has also invented a brick making the machine. What’s special about this machine is that a specially-abled person can operate it, using only one hand.
  • In 2006, Uddhab invented a pomegranate seed peeling the machine. This was a ground-breaking invention as it made him popular not only in India but around the world. The Pomegranate Peeler can separate the outer skin of a pomegranate from the thinner membrane without damaging the seed. It can de-seed approximately 55 kgs of pomegranates in an hour. The machine-made news across the globe and soon orders for the machine came pouring from the US, Japan and Turkey.

Uddhab also developed a mini tea plant for producing green tea. This plant is designed in a manner that can help tea workers consumes very little electricity. It was yet another major innovation that won him recognition, fame and grown to be a big hit worldwide.

Another invention of Uddhab focused on making life easier was “Cassava Peeler”. It is an electronic gadget which can peel up to 5 kgs of cassava per minute.

Why he is called Elon Musk?

Elon Musk, is one of the most intelligent minds of the 21st Century, apart from owning the famous E-vehicle tech company Tesla and space-tech company SpaceX, Elon personally is an intelligent being who is focused to make life easier for people with his brains and innovations. His ideology depicts in his act that he has patented or copy-righted some of his biggest inventions including the Tesla E-vehicle technology which are free to be used by anyone. 

Uddhab on the other hand, may not have recognitions and invention at a scale comparable to that of Elon. However, his ideology is quite similar. No matter how unique or useful or large his inventions are, he has not patented or copy-righted them. He has no problem in people re-creating his inventions and uses them for their benefits of for benefitting others. Just like Elon, instead of focusing on personal monetary benefits, he focused on public welfare. This is why he is being called “Elon Musk of India”.

Awards and Recognition

Uddhab’s talent has not gone under-recognised and un-noticed by the world’s organization. He has been recognized with two awards from NASA. One for his Pomegranate De-seeder (2012) and other for the invention of a detention chair for mentally challenged Person (2013). Apart from this, Uddhab has also received the Padma Shri Award in 2019. 

Apart from being a great innovator, Uddhab is a social enthusiast. He feels that helping others in society is his fundamental right and duty. Whatever he earns through his inventions and working, he supports 21 families who are fully dependent on him. These families include people like widows, specially-abled people, old age people, who are unable to make a living on their own. 

Uddhab comes forward as an example to all of us. Whatever gift God has endowed us with, we must use and share it for the welfare and well being of the society.