In a scandal that can put even the most notorious affairs to shame, a woman ‘accidentally’ filmed her extramarital affair, and to coverup for her sins, told her husband that she was with her ‘brother’! The Married At First Sight season eight star, Rebecca Zemek, was caught on camera in a cringe-inducing moment of infidelity that left her “husband” reeling with shock and disbelief.

The footage, obtained by a source close to the show, shows Zemek kissing a blurry figure with abandon, while her poor pooch whines in the background. But when confronted about her lascivious liaisons, Zemek had a ready-made excuse up her sleeve: “That’s my brother!”

Of course, no one was buying the “brotherly love” defense, especially not Zemek’s “husband” Jake Edwards. He demanded to watch the video again and again, incredulous at the level of deception and betrayal on display. “I know what her brother looks like,” he said with a tone of disgust.

But as the old saying goes, the truth will always come out in the end. In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Zemek finally admitted to being unfaithful, confessing that her mental health was in a bad place at the time. “I can only try to forgive myself each day for what I did, because I still hurt Jake and that’s the most important part of it to me,” she said.

The Facts of the Matter

Cheating scandal alert! There’s been a juicy drama unfolding in the world of reality TV that has tongues wagging and heads turning. It involves a “Married At First Sight” star, a mysterious kiss caught on camera, and a flimsy excuse that’s about as believable as a politician’s promise before elections.

“Married At First Sight” contestant, Rebecca Zemek, recently found herself in hot water when a video emerged of her cheating on her partner, Jake Edwards.

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Woman Caught on Cam with “Brother”

Expert, John Aiken, opens up the segment by explaining that Rebecca had recently taken a “mercy dash” back to Perth to tend to her sick dog. He also notes that there’s something about her trip that needs “clarification.”

The room is then shown a video of Rebecca giving an update on her furry friend, saying that she’d checked Jake was okay without her and then cooing over her pet. Then, as Rebecca believes she’s stopped recording, a blurry figure approaches her, and the two are heard kissing passionately off camera as the dog whines.

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The Lie that Even Blind Can See

As the group watches in stunned silence, Rebecca tries to pass off the mystery man as her brother, but even Stevie Wonder could see that’s a lie. When questioned further, she finally admits to her infidelity but tries to downplay the severity of her actions. Despite her feeble attempt to save face, the damage is already done, and trust between her and Jake is shattered.

The group looks shocked as the video ends, and John asks, “Who was that?” Rebecca looks towards her partner and says, “That was my brother.” Someone off-camera can be heard saying, “I don’t kiss my brother like that.” When questioned if it was her sibling, she claims, “Yeh, I was at home. It’s like you kiss your friends.”

Rebecca Zemek

Rebecca Zemek


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Truth Finally Peeks Its Head

Despite her protests, Rebecca later admitted to being unfaithful in an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle. “I do consider it to an extent cheating. But do I think cheating like that is a hard boundary that should end a relationship? No, I don’t,” she said. While they were technically still a couple, she defends herself by saying that she had written ‘leave’ at the most recent commitment ceremony.


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