A 22-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida has accused three men, including two police personnel, of sexually harassing her and extorting money from her and her fiancé in Ghaziabad last month.

Couple Threatened and Harassed for Hours

On September 16, the woman and her 23-year-old fiancé from Bulandshahr were sitting in Sai Upvan forest in Ghaziabad when the accused men arrived in a police response vehicle (PRV).

The men, identified as constable Rakesh Kumar, home guard Digambar Kumar, and another unidentified man in uniform, allegedly threatened to send the fiancé to jail unless the couple paid them ₹10,000.

Despite pleading with the men, the accused allegedly confined the couple for nearly three hours, slapping the fiancé and forcing the woman into unwanted physical contact. The men refused to stop even after the couple fell at their feet begging.

Eventually the fiancé was forced to pay ₹1,000 through a digital wallet. The unidentified man also demanded ₹5.5 lakh from the couple, threatening consequences if they did not pay up.

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Harassment Continued Despite Complaint

In her official complaint, the woman accused Rakesh Kumar of sexual assault and said all three men touched her inappropriately several times during the ordeal.

The accused allegedly continued to harass her after the incident through repeated phone calls and even visiting her home after finding out she wanted to file a complaint.

The woman recorded one of Rakesh Kumar’s harassing phone calls on September 19 as evidence against him. When the accused discovered she had filed an FIR on September 28, Rakesh Kumar showed up at her house again and threatened her.

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Police Investigation Underway, Accused Absconding

Based on the woman’s complaint, the three men have been booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and Prevention of Corruption Act. Rakesh Kumar has been suspended from the police force pending investigation.

The Ghaziabad Police have said the accused are currently absconding but a thorough probe is underway to apprehend them soon. The case highlights the need for more sensitivity training and stricter oversight of police to prevent such incidents.

The woman showed courage in coming forward to file a complaint despite continued harassment. Her case underscores the importance of taking prompt legal action in cases of gender-based violence. Women’s safety and dignity need to be ensured across Uttar Pradesh.

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