In all things strange and bizarre, a woman is making buzz by getting banned from zoo as she claims to have an ‘affair’ with chimpanzee. Although true love knows no limits, the term ‘modern love’ has got a new meaning.  The incident was reported from Belgium where the reports stated that the woman herself told the zoo authorities that she was having an “affair” with the mute primate.


While loving beings from other species as natural and harmless, we know people who go overboard with it. Stories of treating their pets as their family members and as a fellow human are known to most. And videos of animal trainers loving dangerous animals like lions are not uncommon on the YouTube.

The Facts of the Matter

A lady in Belgium has surpassed all of these people and has outrightly claimed that she has had an affair with a chimpanzee in the local zoo in the city. Her claims of having an affair with the chimpanzee can’t be rejected outrightly, as the local authorities has banned her as the woman’s affair with the chimpanzee was preventing it from bonding with other members of its species.

Meet Adie Timmermans and 38-yo-chimpanzee Chita

Meet Adie Timmermans, a seemingly normal looking person with one interesting fact – she’s been having an affair with Chita, a 38-year-old chimpanzee who lives in the Antwerp Zoo, Belgium. As Adie claims, she and Chita has formed a strong relationship and further added, “I love that animal and he loves me,” as reported by LadBible.

In her interview with ATVI Adie said, “I haven’t got anything else. Why do they want to take that away? We’re having an affair, I’ll just say. Other dozens of visitors are allowed to make contact. Then why not me?”

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What was Adie and Chita’s Affair Like?

Before you let your imagination run amok, let us tell you what this “affair” was like. According to reports, Adie and Chita’s affair comprised of both the parties waving at each other and blowing kisses at each other, separated by the glass.

For most people, this may seem like a harmless act of showing affection towards a living being. However, one must remember, that unlike dogs and other home-trained pets, primates thrive in social groups with hierarchies. And if a member does not interact the members of its own group, it may be outcasted by the group which may later hinder its growth.

Why Adie was Banned from Zoo

Adie’s relationship with Chita concerned zoo officials as it has already started to hamper the latter’s social status with other members of its species.

But zoo officials say that their friendship has proved detrimental to Chita’s social status with the other chimpanzees. “When Chita is constantly surrounded by visitors, the other monkeys ignore him and don’t consider him part of the group, even though it’s important for him. He then sits on his own outside of visiting hours,” an Antwerp Zoo official said.

Elaborating further on the importance of Chita’s bond with his peers, the Zoo official added, “An animal that is too focused on people is less respected by its peers. We want Chita to be a chimpanzee as much as possible.”

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Chita’s History with Humans

Chita’s interest in Adie makes a lot of sense if one tracks back the chimpanzee’s history. Although he has spent the majority of his life in the zoo, Chita was once a human pet before it got “unmanagable”. After being admitted to the zoo, Chita took years to learn proper Chimpanzee behaviour. But as his impressionable years were spent with humans, he still shares a certain bond with humans.