In an alarming and concerning first, a woman became the world’s first ever patient to be diagnosed with ‘climate change’. The news comes just a few days after the biggest world leaders came together under one roof and made commitments towards a more sustainable tomorrow at the UN Climate Change Conference. The patient is a woman in her 70s from British Columbia, Canada. The woman had taken to the emergency room after suffering from breathing troubles. When the doctors took a more analytical approach at diagnosing, they realized that her ailments came from a deep-rooted issue – climate change. “I’m just trying to process what I’m seeing”, Dr. Kyle Merritt said when he was asked on his unusual diagnosis.


An average human life is about 75-years. In those few years, we tend to look at what ails us and those around us, one a deeply personal level. This is further true for people living in developing countries like India who have to fend for daily survival. In such situations, looking at the broader picture such as climate change can be an understandable challenge.

But look at it or not, believe it or not, climate change is something that’s happening and will continue for a long time till changes aren’t made on grassroot levels. Meanwhile, increasing climate change has led to average temperatures across the world increase, rise in sea levels, heavy droughts or intense floods.

And today, a person, possibly the first in the world, was reported to have diagnosed with climate change.

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The Facts of the Matter

While we continue living our lives reading reports on climate change and its severe consequences, a woman in Canada became the first ever to be diagnosed with climate change. The woman had reportedly taken to a hospital in British Columbia, Canada, complaining of breathing issues.

Climate Change Leads to Woman Struggle with Multiple Issues

Dr. Kyle Merritt was quoted in a report explaining the woman’s situation. “She has diabetes. She has some heart failure. She lives in a trailer, no air conditioning. All of her health problems have all been worsened. And she’s really struggling to stay hydrated,” Dr. Kyle said.

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COVID-19, Heat Wave and Wildfire Smog – The Tragic Trinity

This was especially true in June 2021, when Canada was suffering from the biggest heat waves of decades. The heat wave later went on to become the most fatal and hottest waves in the history of Canada.

Meanwhile, just when the doctors were trying to help patients with the COVID-19 pandemic & the heatwave, a new issue knocked the doors of Canada. A blanket of wildfire smoke had covered several regions and had polluted the relatively fresh air of Canadian provinces.

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Canada Doctor Creates History, Gives Reason for Diagnosis

When the patient, in her seventies, complained of breathing issues, Dr. Kylie knew that the smoke that had not lifted from DC, Canada, was the cause of the issue. This led to him making one of the most significant diagnosis in his professional history, and the world. The ER doctor scribbled the words “climate change” under the diagnosis section.

When asked about his peculiar choice of diagnosis, he said, “If we’re not looking at the underlying cause, and we’re just treating the symptoms, we’re just gonna keep falling further and further behind.”