A video of a woman getting caught while trying to scam residents of a society in Greater Noida has gone viral on social media. The incident sheds light on audacious attempts made by fraudsters to cheat unsuspecting people.

The video shows the accused woman concealing her face as she is confronted by a group of angry residents. As per accounts of the residents, the woman had purchased items worth Rs. 15,000 from them but disappeared without making payment.

Woman Provided False Information

Upon being questioned, the woman provided false personal details including a fake name, contact number and address. When pressed to settle the bill, she refused and made various excuses, initially claiming she was a lawyer and her husband a High Court judge.

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Wore Multiple Layers to Escape Quickly

Further examination revealed that the woman was wearing two pairs of pajamas, likely to slip away quickly after executing her scam. She had apparently visited a nearby electronics shop earlier and scammed the owners similarly by not paying for her purchases.

Caught Due to Alertness of Residents

The woman was caught because one of the residents had shared her photo with security guards and neighbours after the initial fraud. When she returned again to the society, the security guard recognized her and alerted the residents.

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Woman Apologizes, Promises to Not Repeat

Towards the end of the video, the woman is seen apologizing to the residents and promising not to repeat her actions. The video ends abruptly without confirming if she was handed over to authorities.

The brazen scam attempt has garnered a lot of attention on social media. While some have made sarcastic remarks about women empowerment, others expressed sympathy that such actions could be due to mental health issues. The incident highlights the need for caution against fraudsters and scammers.

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