A woman recently fell 360 ft in a bungee jumping mishap as the bungee cord snap. Miraculously, the woman survived to tell the tale and mentioned how she joked about dying a day before the mishap. The woman in question was identified as Erin Langworthy. Erin’s bungee jumping ordeal was more adventurous than she would’ve hoped for, after the bungee cord snapped, throwing her in a water body filled with crocodiles!

While the incident transpired way back in 2012, it was only recently that the video of the incident garnered the attention of netizens. Erin reportedly took a trip to Victoria Falls where she decided to bungee jump above the Zambezi river.

For a while, everything transpired how it is supposed to. Diving from the platform, Erin felt the cool air on her face. However, before she could enjoy the remaining part of the bungee jump, she realized that the cord had snapped. Gravity did its thing and Erin was sent straight into a river infested with crocodiles.

Miraculously, she survived the ordeal. After being trapped below the water surface, she was rescued by the bungee company. The crocodiles in the water meanwhile decided to give Erin a free pass.

Her video on YouTube has been viewed over one-hundred-thousand times.

The Facts of the Matter

The idea of bungee jumping has polarized people since the time it came into existence. On one hand, some people enjoy the thrill and adventure of it all, while on the other, some choose to avoid it citing the things that could go wrong in such an incident despite the safety measures in place.

Erin Langworthy witnessed the latter in a situation which may sound like a scripted scene from a film. Not only did her bungee cord snap and she was sent 360 ft down in a water body. But the water body where Erin fell, was later discovered to be infested with crocodile.

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When Fate Defeats Tragedy

Fortunately, fate was on Erin’s side as she somehow ended up not only surviving the ordeal, but also give an interview regarding the mishap.

Erin’s hair-raising tryst with bungee jumping was caught on a camera, video of which, has been making rounds of social media since the incident happened (2012).

A native of Australia, Erin had been on a holiday to Africa, when she decided to bungee jump off a bridge in Zambia’s Zambezi River.

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Video Shows Bungee Jumping Gone Wrong

Video of her bungee jumping going wrong shows her smoothly diving into the abyss of the river. However, instead of bouncing back as a person bungee jumping is supposed to, Erin kept floating and fell 360 ft into the river.

Miraculously though, Erin ended up surviving the ordeal. The crocodiles in the water also didn’t make much fuss about her disturbing their slumber, and let her live to tell the tale.

Australian Woman Lives to Tell The Tale

“I felt nervous, but never thought anything could go wrong. I was the 105th person to jump that day. I stood on the platform, looked at my ankles, which had been strapped together, and worried aloud that my feet would slip out. Someone said that would be the last thing that happened,” she told a media outlet.

“My lungs were on fire and I was struggling to breathe. That morning, I had seen crocodiles in the water, but I couldn’t think about that,” she added.

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On Joking About Dying A Day Before Incident

Ironically enough, Erin had joked about dying a day before taking the bungee jumping excursion. She had sent her mother a postcard where she had written – “I’m doing a bungee jump tomorrow, so I’ll say goodbye… only joking!”.


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