A woman in Ohio had to make an emergency call to 911 using her smartwatch after she got stuck upside down in a gym equipment at 3 am while working out.

According to reports, the woman who had to make the “embarrassing call” was identified as Christine Faulds, an ex-college athlete who was using a back decompression machine in the wee hours when the device malfunctioned and she found herself hanging upside down.

While there was another person in the gym, that person was in another room lifting weights, and could not hear Christine’s scream for helps. Fortunately, she was wearing a smartwatch, using which she called 911 and received due help.

The incident was brought to fore thanks to a TikTok video going viral. In the video, Christine can be seen making efforts to lift her lower body. However, to her horror, she soon realizes she is stuck. She calls 911 and gives an explanation in a sheepish tone.

“I’m stuck in this reverse, like, back decompression thing and I think the thing went too far and I’m just stuck upside down and I cannot get myself right side up,” she can be heard saying.

Thankfully, an officer soon came and freed Christine from the machine. Christine even called this “the easiest rescue ever”.

The Facts of the Matter

We all have strange fears of getting stuck in bathrooms, elevators, abandoned buildings. But how about getting stuck in a gym equipment in the wee hours of the night?

This is what Ohio’s Christine Faulds dealt with recently. The incident came to the fore thanks to a TikTok video that is going viral. According to reports, Christine, an ex-college athlete, was working out at a 24-hour gym. She used a back decompression, which turned out to be the cause of a massive headache for her for the next few minutes.

Ohio Woman Gets Stuck in Gym Equipment

Reportedly, Christine was filming herself while using the equipment where one suspends their body to help stretch their spine and get relief from back pain. However, soon she found herself to be stuck in the equipment, and her ordeal got recorded in the video.

Calling 911, Explaining the Situation

Thankfully, she was wearing a smartwatch. After her cries for help went unheard, she used the smartwatch to called emergency service 911. In the video gone viral, she can be heard telling a person named Jason, who couldn’t hear her due to the music in the room.

She again tries to lift herself up in a desperate attempt to get freedom from the machine. However, her efforts went in vain. After a few minutes, she simply calls 911 and can be heard saying, “Hi, I couldn’t look up the non-emergency number. There’s only one other person at the gym and I got stuck in this, you know that backboard thing that flips back?”.

She further added how she is not able to reach out to anyone at gym and says, “I don’t know, I just can’t get anyone’s attention at the gym. I’m just stuck upside down and I cannot get myself right side up.”

Cops Arrive 12 Minutes Later for the “Easiest Rescue Ever”

The Ohio-based woman’s ordeal lasted for whole 12 minutes. Soon a police officer came to the spot to free Christine. Making light of the incident, she also went on to call it “easiest rescue ever”, and the officers around her laughed in eased.

After her video went viral, she was interviewed by CNN. In her interview, she claimed that she won’t be using an inversion table without a buddy in case things go wrong.

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