Bengaluru, the technology hub of India, is known for its tech-savvy residents. In a recent amusing incident, a woman in Bengaluru turned to an unusual place to seek help with a coding issue – a dating app.

27-year old Vandana, a programmer living in Bengaluru, created a profile on Tinder looking for someone who could help fix a coding bug she had been stuck on. In her bio, Vandana explained that she had an issue checking out a file from Perforce using Python. The code worked on Windows and Linux but not on Mac.

Techie Woman Looks for Match to Solve Coding Woes

Vandana made it clear in her profile that she would only entertain matches who could help her resolve the coding issue. “Please match only if you can help,” she wrote. Rather than the usual small talk, Vandana suggested potential matches “do timepass by discussing code.” She even offered to go on a date with anyone who could fix her bug.

Her unique approach quickly gained attention on Reddit and other social media platforms. Many were impressed and amused that Vandana was leveraging a dating app in such an innovative way to get coding help.

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Bengaluru Residents Embrace Technology in Daily Life

This is not the first time Bengaluru residents have made news for their affinity towards technology. The city, nicknamed India’s Silicon Valley, is known for its large IT industry and concentration of technology professionals.

Last month, a woman in Bengaluru shared a photo of her auto-rickshaw driver’s high-tech payment method. The driver had saved his QR code on his smartwatch screensaver, allowing passengers to easily scan and pay digitally. Social media users praised the driver’s embrace of digital payments.

Such examples showcase how deeply engrained technology is in the daily lives of Bengaluru inhabitants. From tech-savvy auto drivers to programmers crowdsourcing help on dating apps, the city residents continue to find innovative ways to leverage technology.

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Woman’s Unconventional Approach Sparks Discussion

While some questioned if Vandana’s dating profile was genuine, most saw humor in her unique strategy. Her case has sparked conversations around women in technology, collaborative coding, and thinking out-of-the-box.

Some pointed out that Vandana’s method of seeking coding help highlighted the supportive community of programmers in Bengaluru who are always ready to lend a hand. Her story also emphasized the city’s thriving culture of technology enthusiasts.

While Vandana’s motives were practical, her unconventional use of an online dating platform for tech support was a novel approach. It exemplified the technical mindset that the Silicon Valley of India has come to be known for.

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