A woman who spent over Rs. 53 lakhs to transform herself into ‘human barbie’, has gotten more than she bargained for. Her family has cut off ties with her, leaving her in a state of turmoil. Speaking to Heute, 21-year-old Jessica said, “This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents. I just don’t understand why they behave that way just because I’ve changed my physical appearance”.

According to Heute, the 21-year-old girl lives in Vienna and has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries in an attempt to look as close to a ‘human barbie’. This includes three breast enhancements, nose surgery, surgeries to plump her lips, and more. Her obsession has so far costed her approximately $73,000 on surgery.

While one may consider all these surgeries and medical procedures more than enough, Jessica is open to more surgeries. However, her family has not extended support in her vision to look like barbie. She has been blocked by her family on phone, she told Heute.

As for how Jessica took care of the cosmetic surgery expenses, it should be noted that she paid for her first breast enhancement surgery with money she received from her mother and father to take driving lessons.

The Facts of the Matter

How much value you derive from your physical appearance? While you ponder about the question, let us tell you about Jessica, a 21-year-old girl who has spent Rs. 53 lakhs so far to look like a human version of Barbie. However, her obsession has been met with cold shoulders, especially by her family, who have cut-off ties with her.


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“Human Barbie” Shows Before/After Pics on Instagram

21-year-old Jessica, is a German born woman who has spent over $70,000 on multiple plastic surgeries to come as close to resembling the famous barbie doll. With over eighty-thousand followers on Instagram, Jessica often shares ‘Before/After’ pictures, which shows Jessica from 2018 with a natural body and short hair, and pictures from today with light blonde hair, filled lips and accentuated body.

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3 Breast-Enhancements, Multiple Lip-Jobs, Multiple-Nose-Jobs

According to a Dailymail report, Jessica has so far had three breast-enhancement surgeries, multiple lip jobs, multiple nose jobs, to achieve the look she had in her mind. Her obsession however has not only costed her thousands of dollars, but her relationship with her own family.

“This is so sad”: ‘Human Barbie’ on Being Cut Out from Family

“This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents. I just don’t understand why they behave that way just because I’ve changed my physical appearance,” Jessica told Heute.

While she is obviously sad about her family’s disapproval to her lifestyle choice, it is still something she feels glad about. “I used to pretend to be happy and solid, but I wasn’t my true self,’ she told Heute.

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Paying for First Surgery with Parents’ Money

The 21-year-old had her first breast enhancement surgery when she left home at 17. She paid for surgery with the money her parents had given her to take driving lessons. “Getting up in the morning and feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin is just wonderful,” she was quoted saying.


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