In an interesting news a woman sued her mom’s doctor for giving her bad ‘conception’ advice and ended up receiving millions of dollars in damages. Interestingly, several news platforms are using click-bait titles to the effect of the woman suing the doctor for letting her mom give birth to her. The title is misleading, and several news platforms are outrightly spinning the story.

Reportedly, 20-year-old Evie Toombes sued her mother’s doctor and claimed that had he given her mother the right advice, she wouldn’t have born. Evie Toombes suffers from a rare spinal disease called spina-bifida. She is a para-showjumper and a chunk of her time is spent connected to tubes and other medical devices.


When a person takes to the doctor, he/she trusts the doctor and the doctor’s skills in addressing the matter. For the most part, millions of Indians seek treatment from doctors and happily continue doing so. However, there are times when due to the negligence of the doctor, a patient ends up suffering a drastic consequence. In such situation, the patient can seek redressal from the Consumer Courts as the services of doctors are covered under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

In UK however, a patient had taken her mother’s doctor for a strange reason – letting her be born.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a landmark victory, 20-year-old Evie Toombes won millions of dollars in compensation after she sued her mother’s general practitioner earlier last month. The case is a unique one as it was filed by the woman who claimed that she shouldn’t have been born. Before we understand the case, let’s find out who Evie Toombes is.

Who is Evie Toombes?

Young Evie Toombes is a para-showjumper. Born with a unique spinal disease called spina-bifida, she spent most of her time connected to tubes and medical equipment. However, over the course of years, she started competing against disabled and able-bodied persons in showjumping.

Evie Toombes with His Favourite

Evie Toombes with His Favourite

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What is the Case Against Mother’s Doctor All About?

Earlier in November, Toombes took her mother’s doctor Dr. Philip Mitchell to the court over a case of ‘wrongful conception’. Reportedly, Michell failed to advice Toombes’e mother on taking some supplements before she got pregnant.

A Dailymail report stated Toombes claiming that if her mother was advice to take Folic Acid supplements, the pregnancy would’ve been delayed. And thus, she wouldn’t have been born.

What Did the Judge Say?

In a High Court in London, the Judges ruled that had Toombes’ mother been given the right information, “she would have delayed attempts to conceive.” The judge further added, ‘In the circumstances, there would have been a later conception, which would have resulted in a normal healthy child.”

Earlier in the court, Toombes’s mother added that she had made the “precious” decision to have a family at a young age. She further added that she had also abstained from sexual intercourse before the advice of the doctor.,

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How Much Money Doe Toombes Stand to Get?

While it’s still not clear as to what the total amount Toombes is to receive in damages, it’s supposed to be ‘big’. Dailymail report stated Toombes’ lawyers claiming that the compensation will be big enough to cover the 20-year-old’s care needs.

The case is truly a ground-breaking one as it sends a wave of awareness amongst aggrieved patients. Medical professionals can be held for negligence the same way any other professionals can. This can also lead to more awareness and diligence amongst the doctors and healthcare professionals.