In a baffling turn-of-events, a Singaporean woman, who thought that she was molested by a ‘ghost’ like figure, recently found out that the accused was none other than her landlord!

The victim of molestation used to reportedly live in a public housing from the Singapore’s Housing and Development Board (HDB). While her life was relatively uneventful, she started getting more and more alarmed when a “phantom” touched her inappropriately in her sleep.

While speaking to the Singapore court, the victim claimed that she was touched inappropriately on her crotch and chest. However, when she tried to see who she was being harassed by, all she could see was a “dark shadow”.

The woman’s boyfriend mentioned that it could be a “ghost”, and the woman decided to buy the flimsy argument. The couple took the possibility of a ghost molester seriously, and decided against calling the police. They however set up a CCTV camera to catch the accused, if he comes to repeat his offence once again.

Thanks to the CCTV footage captured, the accused landlord was seen getting in the room, and touching her inappropriately, as she laid in a state of not asleep and not completely awake. The woman took the matter to the court, and the trial continues.

The Facts of the Matter

A couple living together, a woman experiencing the feeling of being harassed, and a ‘ghost’ molester! Although these may sound-like ingredients of a badly written horror-comedy film, these are the elements of a real-life trial in Singapore.

The horrific ordeal occurred to a woman who was living in a public housing managed by the country’s Housing and Development Board. In her testimony, the woman claimed that she and her boyfriend started living in the apartment earlier in May last year.

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Landlord Threw Party

The same year in June, the landlord of the apartment threw a housewarming party to welcome them. This was when the woman got drunk and decided to sleep it off. However, the woman woke up from her drunk slumber with the feeling of being harassed and touched appropriately.

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Victim wakes Up with Feeling of Being Harassed

The woman claimed that she was kissed on her mouth and touched inappropriately all over her chest and crotch. The entire ordeal lasted 10 minutes and strangely, the woman only saw a shadowy figure. Moreover, the figure had long hair, and the woman dismissed the idea that it was her boyfriend, as he was bald.

Boyfriend Claims ‘Ghost’ Did It!

The Singapore-based woman initially assumed that it was the landlord behind the ordeal. However, her boyfriend mentioned that the figure may be a ghost, as she was only able to see a phantom-like image. “My boyfriend had heard that the landlord and his wife often travel to Thailand to pray to the gods,” the woman further said in her testimony.

Instead of going to the police, the woman actually bought her boyfriend’s argument, and considered that she was molested by a ghost. However, the couple decided to install a CCTV camera to catch the accused – be it a person or a spirit.

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Accused Pleads Not Guilty, Trial Continues

The woman and her boyfriend were in for a shock, as the footage showed that the molester was none other than their 38-year-old landlord. The landlord was seen in the footage sitting beside her and touching her inappropriately.

Following the incident, the accused was detained. However, he pleaded not guilty to the assault charges, and the trial continues.


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