A woman with split tongue has been making buzz for tasting Pepsi and Coca-Cola at the same time to find the difference in taste between the two. With multiple modifications on her body, Brianna Mary Shihadeh recently took to her social media and did something that was maybe in the backburner of people’s minds. She tasted two of the most popular soft drinks at the same time by placing one half of her tongue in one glass and other half in the other glass. Although this may sound too bizarre for people, the video of her “stunt” has so far received close to three-hundred thousand views on TikTok.

Letting her curiosity take her to new places, Brianna Mary Shihadeh also did a salt versus sweet test, dipping her one half of the tongue in one glass of sugar water and other in the saltwater. As one would expect, the particular contrasting combination left her feeling rather confused,

A body modification enthusiast, Brianna goes by the name flower on social media and has over two-hundred and twenty-eight thousand followers on Instagram. A dreadlock artist, she is loved for her unique face and body tattoos and multiple piercings.

The Facts of the Matter

Ever wondered just how similar (or different) Pepsi and Coca-Cola taste? While one may try tasting the difference by sipping one after the other, a woman has gone one level beyond. Thanks to her split tongue, she’s able to drink both the soft drinks at the same time, and can tell the difference between the two.

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Meet Brianna Mary Shihadeh

With a passion for dreadlocks, body modification and all-things-art, Brianna found a unique use of her split-tongue. She has been entertaining netizens on TikTok by doing some much followed tests. One of which was tasting Coca-Cola and Pepsi at the same time. She also did another taste test in which she tried drinking sprite and water at the same time.

Reportedly, Brianna wanted to settle the Pepsi VS Coca-Cola argument once and for all, and decided to use her split tongue to taste the difference between the two. Her unique experiments garnered a lot of attention, with close to three-hundred thousand views so far.

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Pepsi VS Coca-Cola – The Taste Test Result

As for the difference between the two beverages, Briana chose the more diplomatic approach and confirmed how she couldn’t taste a difference between the two. Much to the dismay of her followers who needed a concrete answer, she said how she considered Coca-Cola to be sweeter but now finds that that the two beverages “honestly taste the same”.

Drinking Sugar Water and Salt Water Together

Brianna did another fascinating experience and tried tasting the difference between saltwater and sweet water. In a reel shared on Instagram, the dreadlock artist can be seen inserting her split tongues in two glasses of water – one filled with sugar water other with salt water.


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Netizens Left Amazed at Unique Use of Split Tongue

As one would expect, the contrasting nature of the two drinks made her feel “confused”. Instagram user were shocked to see the strange and unique use of her split-tongue. “Oh, that is CRAZY-PANTS! How cool!” an Insta user commented.

Another Instagram user gave a suggestion in the comments section and wrote, “feel like maybe something a little more flavorful than water OJ and cranberry juice would have been a site.”

“Can you compare them? That would be good for beer or wine tasting hahah hahaha”, another Instagram user quipped.


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