Recent video of a Woman carefully removing Bee Colony, amused people over the net soon after the video goes viral. Erika Thompson, who is also known as ‘Bee Lady’, is from Texas Beeworks, Professional beekeeper, shared a video of herself extracting a bee colony from an apartment courtyard.

The viral video and its detail

The whole process and Thompson’s careful way of handling the bee colony has left netizens in awestruck. She shared the video on her company’s official Facebook and Instagram page.

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Here’s the video in which Erika can be seen extracting the Bee Colony.

Thompson captioned the video by writing, ““After a big storm, a swarm of bees settled under an umbrella in the courtyard of an apartment complex. Two separate concerned residents contacted me and asked me to rescue the bees to make sure they wouldn’t be exterminated. About halfway through this removal, I realized these bees needed more than just a new home…these bees needed a new queen!”

Soon after the video got posted, it has gathered more than 20 million views and the views and praises are increasing at a rapid pace. It has also bagged tons of appreciative comments from people from all over the world.

There were a lot of views praising Thompson like, “You do such great work. Thank you so much! It is so inspiring. I had recently started caring for a hive and it is so rewarding to watch them grow and thrive!”.

“I have been fortunate to experience a swarm twice!! Beautiful experience. Thank you for the amazing work you are doing to support their well-being and ours!!” says another user from Facebook. “I love watching her! So peaceful, patient and knowledgeable! Save the bees!” and the comment section was filled with praising and cheering words.

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Who is Bee Lady aka Erika Thompson?

Erika Thompson, who is also known as ‘bee lady’ is a full-time beekeeper. Thompson hails from Austin, Texas. She is the founder and owner of the company ‘Texas Beeworks’. Thompson graduated from the University of Texas.

She created her first hive in her backyard and started her company in 2014 while simultaneously working as a full-time Communications Director. She has been eventually featured on Jeopardy! And The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Thompson has surpassed over 6 million followers on TikTok for her videos, in which she handles swarms of bees with her bare hands during removal and relocation expeditions and protecting the insects.

What does her company Texas Beeworks do?

Texas Bee Works is curated and managed by Erika Thompson and it aims to help both bees and beekeepers. The company manages numerous hives to maintain a healthy honeybee population and attempts to increase awareness about honeybees through “education, advocacy, and public outreach.”

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Some other videos of Erika Thompson at her official page ‘Texas Beeworks’

Many more videos are posted on her official Facebook and Instagram page. In which she can be seen doing various activities which definitely will amuse you too!