On Wednesday, Railways presented their first air-conditioned three-tier economy class coach. Isn’t it wonderful that the Indian Railways has rolled out its swanky first AC 3 tire economy class coach. To which the ministry described it as “synonymous with the cheapest and best AC travel in the world”.

These coaches would be “affordable” and would be between the current AC three-tier and non-AC sleeper class, the official said.

The LHB coach is transported from Rail Coach Factory aka RCF Kapurthala to Research Design and Standards Organization aka RDSO, Lucknow for more testing.

Developed by the RCF, the work has already begun on the design on a war footing in October 2020. The best part is the new coaches will carry 11 more passengers as the berth has been increased from 72 to 83.

The Ministry informed that a lot of innovations have been incorporated while designing the coach. Presently installed high voltage electrical switchgear has been moved from under the frame. 11 additional berths have been introduced to increase passenger capacity.

Each coach is provided with a comprehensive and handicap-friendly toilet entrance which is a new initiative. 

Many design changes have been made to improve passenger amenities and facilities, such as redesigning AC ducting to provide separate vents for each berth.

Designs for Indian and Western-style lavatories have been improved, while public address and passenger information systems have been installed as part of passenger facilities.

Here are some features of New AC 3-tire economy coach:

  • 11 extra berths as against 72 in AC-3 tier, making a total number of 83 berths in the entire section. That means more space for acquinting passengers.
  • Every berth to get personal AC vents. Which means no arguments to lower the temperature or increase the temperature.
  • Happy news for readers who like to read while travelling on the train. Every berth will have personalised reading lights.
  • The berths are fire proof and are said to be more comfortable. Though it doesn’t mean you should play with fire now inside the train. (if you know, you know, *wink*).
  • Another awesome news is that it has disable friendly entry and exits now and also a disable friendly toilet. Guy, this means you should plan a trip soon.
  • A feature which we like personally is the modified stairs to reach middle and upper berth.
  • And the most wonderful of all, in the current environment is the personalised sockets for charging mobile and also USB point. Life is good now! No more sharing or asking everyone, can I use the charging point next please.
  • The potential speed is 160 kmph.
  • It also has illuminated seats.
  • Also, a snack table with side berth is available now.

Hope this new innovation helps the entire India to travel more and safely.