From work from home, we are moving to work from mandap where a desi groom recently brought laptop to his own wedding. While the bride had a priceless reaction to his future spouse typing something on his laptop, the people around the groom were carrying on about the wedding preparations in a matter-of-fact way. The whole ordeal was captured on an Instagram reel and has gotten viral ever since with thousands of likes and views.


In the post COVID-19 pandemic outbreak world, we all have our working preferences changed. Gone are the water cooler conversations at an office corner or the long unnecessary meeting in conference rooms. These are replaced by Zoom meetings with professionals wearing their favourite pajamas under their formal shirt. Collaborating virtually is the new norm and working from home is the new black.

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Forget WFH, This is Work from Mandap

However, there are times when people are made to do their work if they are caught up in something that’s personal. Meetings are scheduled on WhatsApp during funerals and calls are taken during parties. But one man took this to a new extent. In a video gone viral the man can be seen working on his laptop – while wearing the groom’s outfit – sitting on the groom’s seat – while his relatives are around involved in the wedding related preparations and ceremonies.

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What Else Did the Video Show?

The video reel was shared on Instagram by a popular wedding-related page. In the reel, the video can be seen sitting in the mandap with a laptop on his folded lap. While he’s working, the guests around him are looking at the ordeal while the pandit can be seen waiting for him to be done with his work.

Future Wife’s Priceless Reaction

But what really made the video hilarious was the bride’s reaction to this all. Sitting on the other side of the hall, when the video pans at her she can be seen laughing out loud at his husband’s ‘dedication’ the camera pans back again and then the man can be seen shutting the laptop down and giving it to someone.

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Netizens Speculate on What the Man was Upto

While most netizens just laughed at this whole matter, some slammed the corporate culture which doesn’t promote work-life balance in the comment section. Others made hilarious witty remarks on what the man was doing on the laptop.

“Deleting his browser history”, commented one.

“He is setting up OBS streamer to stream his wedding maybe,” commented another.

“When you upload the code just before your marriage & get stuck in Production bug”, quipped someone.

You can watch the video yourself and speculate as to what the groom was up to with his laptop during his wedding.

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Watch the video here

Bride Takes ‘Work is Worship’ to New Levels

Earlier last year, during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, another bride made the news by bringing her laptop do the wedding mandap and was captured working on her wedding. Taking ‘work is worship’ to a new height, she was seen using her phone while her laptop on her lap in the red colored wedding outfit that she wore.

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Turkish Groom Pulls Laptop Out – to Play Video Game


Turkish Groom Pulls Laptop Out

In the same year, a groom from Turkey brought his laptop on arguably the most important day of his life. However, this man wasn’t taking work calls but was playing Football Manager, a simulation game which involves people representation a team and taking them to victory.

In the images that made rounds on the internet, his newly-wed wife in her white wedding dress could be seen sitting and looking bored while her husband had his eyes glued on the laptop screen.