On World Environment Day 2021, we will share with you 5 ridiculously easy things you can do to save environment starting today. It is said that the most lasting changes come from within. And to help the environment, the same approach can be applied.

We understand that helping the planet may seem like too huge a task, but if all of us do our own bit, think in more eco-conscious ways, and have better shopping and travelling practices, our small efforts will lead to huge impact on the planet.

With that said – let’s look at some elementary things we can add to our habits and do our bit.

1) Take a bicycle to work – or anywhere you go

Now we know in the post pandemic era, a lot of us are working from home and don’t necessarily have to go to work. But in case you have an occasional meeting or two, or you want to get some essentials, you can try grabbing a bicycle for relatively shorter trips. According to experts, if people start commuting using bicycles, the greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced up to 11% by 2050. Another group of researchers found in their study that half of all car trips were just 3 miles or less. If cycling and walking replaces cars for this distance, it would help nearly 5% of the carbon emissions to go down.

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2) If you must use cars – give carpooling a try

We get it, you were rolling your eyes above thinking, ‘I have to travel longer, I can’t cycle for such long distances’. Well, we’ve got you covered. To do your part in reversing the damage caused to the environment, you can take the small step of just sharing a ride with your co-worker, neighbour or friend. According to a study, for every gallon of fuel you don’t burn by driving yourselves to a place, you can save an average of 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.

And if this is not an incentive enough, a bonus incentive in this approach is the more people get into carpooling, the less frustrating traffics at peak hours will be as several people will be commuting together, leading to less cars on the roads and less time taken to reach destination.

3) Have eco-friendly e-commerce shopping practices

In the post-pandemic era, we have adapted into the new way of shopping. From groceries, to late dinner to a major purchase, everything is one click away. But do you know that shopping online leads to you leaving lesser carbon footprint. Now, we understand that the deliveries may leave carbon footprint. But you can alleviate that also by shopping consciously and doing things like buying more items at the same time to minimize shipments, choose normal delivery instead of rushed ones & buy products from platform that supports eco-friendly packaging.

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4) Carry your own bag

Being handed your groceries at the checking counter is deeply embedded in our habits. But if we start bringing our own reusable bags, it will be inconvenient that will cause positive change on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic bags can cross over 56 gigatons by the year 2050. This may not sound like a lot, but its similar to greenhouse emissions from more than 600 coal plants. We must inculcate the new positive habit of having our own bag while shopping to get this number down.

5) Try eco-friendly beauty brands

While our vanity keeps our sanity going, we sometimes forget the harm beauty & personal care products cause to the environment. From toxic chemicals to animal testing, the world of beauty products is filled with environmental degrading practices. But in the past decade, environmentally conscious brands have come forward that use more eco-friendly ingredients in the making of products. These brands are Forest Essentials, Khadi Naturals to name a few.