The World Heart Federation conceptualized the concept of ‘World Heart Day. Initiatives like walks, fundraisers, free health checks, performances, sporting events, and other events are held to motivate people to become more active and health conscious. Learn about World Heart Day, its history, its importance, and the theme of this day celebrated by the World Heart Federation.


Every year on September 29, people mark and celebrate World Heart Day. The World Heart Federation hosts the global event each year and picks a theme for the day. Platforms, including forums, chat shows on television, webinars, podcasts, and more, are used to spread information and address cardiovascular diseases.  Heart disease can be caused by overeating, inactivity, poor diets, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels, among other risk factors. Heart Day was created to communicate to the public that heart diseases are curable.

History of World Heart Day

It was the year 2000 when the inaugural World Heart Day was observed. Since then, in 2012, world leaders have committed to decreasing non-communicable disease-related fatalities globally by 2025. Antoni Baye de Luna, a former World Health Federation president, came up with the idea for this day to be observed.

More than 90 countries commemorate this annual international observance. Both government and non-government entities hold public activities and performances to increase awareness of heart diseases.

World Heart Day and its Importance

According to the World Heart Federation, “World Heart Day encourages the steps that people can take to avoid and monitor cardio vascular diseases and tells people all over the world that cardio vascular diseases, notably heart disease and stroke, is the world’s major cause of death, taking 18.6 million lives each year. It seeks to motivate individuals to take action by informing them that at least 80% of heart disease and stroke-related premature deaths might be prevented by reducing risk factors like cigarette use, poor diet, and physical inactivity”.

World Heart Day 2022 Theme: Use Heart for Every Heart

The theme of World Heart Day in 2022 is “USE HEART FOR EVERY HEART.” The World Heart Federation had teamed up with digital health businesses to commemorate World Heart Day to raise awareness globally, avoid CVD, and monitor the condition.

Causes of Heart Diseases

Modern lifestyles have developed as a result of Unhealthy lifestyles. These days, it’s common to spend long periods on the computer, consume unhealthy meals, and sleep late. A lack of exercise further exacerbates an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the main contributors to these diseases are alcohol consumption, poor diet, inactivity, smoking, and tobacco use. To encourage individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle, the World Health Federation promotes World Heart Day.

Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

1. Learn how to Control Your Stress Levels

Suppose you feel that life is overtaking you. In that case, you may eat poorly, smoke, or consume a large amount of alcohol, which could heighten your possibility of a heart attack.

2. Start early with your heart checks

From the age of 20, all women must get a heart disease checkup. Additionally, they need screenings for diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

3. Avoid consuming alcohol

Drinking alcohol has been linked to some detrimental health effects, notably heart disease. A stroke, heart failure, or high blood pressure can all be produced by excessive drinking.

4. Regular Workout

Exercises that boost heart rate include Zumba, Aerobics, yoga, swimming, brisk walking, jogging, and taekwondo. This preserves the system healthily.


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