In a news regarding the world of world records, a 5-year-old Indian-American has set a record of reading 36 books in 106 minutes and is doing the rounds of internet because of the feat. Kiara Kaur is a resident of United Arab Emirates and is making the news for entering the World Book of Records, and Asia Book of Records for gulping down books easily and quickly.

Parents across the world always attempt to make their children read a little and spend less time in front of videogames or TV. However, baby Kiara’s parents most likely wouldn’t be having such problem. After all, their daughter, a ‘child prodigy’ can read several books in matters of hours.

The World Book of London itself has labelled Kiara a “child prodigy” and certified her “for having specific ability to read non-stop 36 books in 105 minutes at the age of 4 years on 13th February.” Even the Asia Book of Records inducted her in the book of miraculous people making miraculous record. The Asia Book of Records writes that Kiara has “set a record for reading maximum number of books nonstop”.

According to a report by NDTV, the super power that Kiara possesses was first seen in action by her nursery teacher in Abu Dhabi. Her teacher claimed that she often spotted Kiara voraciously reading books in the school library.

Meanwhile, when asked about why she liked reading books, Kiara told reporters that she enjoys reading because there are colourful pictures in the books. Moreover, she also said that as the words are in a bigger font, she can read the books easily. Like every 5-year-old girl, even Kiara has her favourite books in Alice in the Wonderland, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.

Kiara’s parents claim that they find Kiara reading most of the time and she has read as many as around 200 books in the last one year. According to the parents, baby Kiara used to read books wherever she went. She couldn’t be separated from her book even when she was in a car, or the rest room or somewhere else. As she loved reading, her parents often had to bring her books when they went out to shop. Kiara’s mother, Dr. Mahendra denied when she was asked whether Kiara was pushed into making such record.

Her father, who’s also a doctor said that he was proud of all the things she has achieved in such a young age. “We feel proud that she has achieved a lot at this young age. Wish her reading habit continues,” he said.

Her proud mother claimed that the books Kiara read to create the record were all level 3-4 books that are actually intended for older children. Baby Kiara in her interview said that whenever she doesn’t have new books to read, she continues to read the same stories over and over again.

Kiara was also asked if she loves reading only from books or also loves reading on devices. To this Kiara replied that for her reading from books is extremely delightful. She believes that books can be carried anywhere whereas when on phone, she can’t read or watch something if there’s no internet.

Kiara Kaur was born in America to Indian-parents that were based in Chennai. According to Kiara’s mother, her grandfather Lt. MP Singh inculcated in Kiara the bug of reading. Lt. Colonel MP Singh used to listen to Kiara narrate stories for hours on calls.