Infamously known as the ‘World’s Oldest McDonald’s’, a Canada-based outlet of the popular franchise finally shut down after the cops received as many as 900 phone calls over a racoon fight. Yes, you heard it right – racoon fight. In a widely viral video, a brawl at the outlet at one point had a baby racoon being brought in as either a show of strength, or a way to confuse the brawlers, it could be either of these as we can’t think of a reason why someone would bring a racoon to a fight.

Located in Canada’s Ottawa, there are some reasonably fair reasons as to why the outlet of the multi-billion dollar earning franchise has been labelled “world’s worst”.

From drug deals taking place inside the outlet, to sexual assaults and acts being committed inside the bathrooms, to random brawls amongst customers, including a brawl where a patrol pulled out a baby racoon in the brawl – the ‘World’s Worst McDonald’s’ has got it all.

The ‘world’s worst McDonald’s’ was set up way back in 1985 and after nearly 40 hours of random outbursts of violence and objectionable acts, the branch will close come April 2023. The branch was part of the headlines in 2013, where a brawl took place in which a man pulled out a baby racoon.

The Facts of the Matter

Every restaurant comes with its set of quirks that makes the establishment unique in its own way. However, a Canada based McDonald’s branch received such notoriety, that the cops in the area received over 900 calls due to disturbances of all kinds – including a brawl where a baby racoon was involved.

Set up in 1985, the nearly 40-year-old McDonald’s branch has been serving patrons in Ottawa, Canada.

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The Infamous ‘World’s Worst McDonald’s’

The location is an epicenter of chaotic energy, thanks to several bars and restaurants that cater to people from all walks of life. Hungry patrons were known to take to the McDonald’s for an overnight splurging after drinking, and what often followed, were punches, kicks, and shoves.

The infamous McDonald’s has since earned the title of ‘World’s Worst McDonald’s’ and come April 2023, it will the end of an era for the regular visitors of the franchise.

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Man Whips Out Racoon from Sweater | Watch

The fast-food outlet in Ottawa has had its fair share of infamous acts, including sexual acts committed in bathrooms, shady drug deals taking place inside the restaurant, and a series of violent eruption.

‘World’s Worst McDonald’s’ made the buzz back in 2013 thanks to a brawl, where a man pulled out a racoon out of his sweater during the fight. The incident was captured on cam from various angles, and visuals of the same are once again going viral.

Over 900 Calls Made Regarding ‘Disturbance’

The outlet has received such notoriety in the course of years, that in 2018, it received 800 phone calls regarding “ongoing criminal activity and social disorder”. To combat the issue, the outlet shortened the hours from 24-hours to 6am to 10 pm. However, the chaos continued to erupt, and in 2022, there were about 150 such calls made about nefarious activities.

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Building Owner Comments

Commenting about the closure of the outlet, building owner Peter Crosthwaite was quoted saying, “They’ve been a great tenant for almost 50 years. They’re smart people. Maybe it was time for a change – maybe they didn’t feel comfortable. McDonald’s doesn’t tell us why they make their decisions, that’s for sure, but they’re super smart people.”


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