Wrestling sensation & murder convict Sushil Kumar came up with an unusual demand and demanded protein shake and supplementary diet in jail ahead of Tokyo Olympics for preparation. The Olympian-medal winner approached the Delhi High Court with his new request. While prisoners are infamous for making surprising demands from the authorities, a demand for protein shake in diet is certainly unheard of.


On the grounds of the alleged murder of Sagar Dhankhar, the former junior National Champion, Sunil Kumar brewed controversy by asking the authorities for protein supplements. The wrestler also demanded for a special diet and exercise bands for him in the jail as a preparation for the Tokyo Olympics.

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What is the diet plan in a jail?

According to NDTV, a prisoner serving jail time gets 5 rotis, 2 vegetables, a dal, some rice. The prisoner is provided this meal twice a day, every day. Further, a prisoner also has the option to buy food items worth Rs. 6,000 from the canteen present in the jail. However, owing to his large diet which contributes to his muscular built, it seems like this diet is not enough for him.

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What did Sushil Kumar demand as a diet?

Approaching the court, the decorated wrestler has demanded a special diet which consists of Omega 3 capsules, multivitamin pills, protein shakes, and pre-workout supplements among other things.

This is what the Court said

On June 9, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Satvir Singh Lamba reserved his order for June 10 after hearing both the sides. For the accused wrestler Sushil Kumar, Advocate Pradeep Rana appeared while for the State, it was Shrawan Kumar, Public Prosecutor that appeared.

In the hearing, appearing for Sushil Kumar, Advocate Rana submitted before the court that the accused can’t be denied the right to be granted supplements under the relevant prison rules, in the case of him being in the position to bring the same.

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“Does he not like the ‘daal’?”

After taking into consideration the prior judgements made by the court of law, the court inquired from defendant’s lawyer Rana and asked him-

“What is the difference between Private Diet and Special Diet?”

The judge further asked Rana-

“Whether the Undertrial Prisoner has any allergies? Does he not like the ‘daal’? Or if the food is not suiting him?”

“What is the basis of special food?”

Meanwhile, Public Prosecutor Shrawan Kumar came down hard on the submissions provided by defendant’s lawyer Rana. In his argument, Kumar asked the judge-

“What is the need to provide special treatment to an accused of heinous organized crime? What is the basis of special food? Nothing. Under Article 14 of the Constitution, equality before law is the same.”

“Allowing will create discriminatory atmosphere”

“What is the need to provide special treatment to an accused of heinous organized crime?”,

-asked public prosecutor.

The public prosecutor further submitted-

“As per the reply of the Jail Superintendent, many of the prisoners are who are competent to demand such foods are not being allowed the same. Allowing he application to him will create a discriminatory atmosphere among all Prisoners.”

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The Case of Sushil Kumar: Former Olympian turned alleged criminal

Known for knocking opponent down on the wrestling mat and biting the subsequent winning medals, Sushil Kumar has been facing heat for allegedly murdering the 23-year-old junior wrestling champion Sagar Dhankhar.

After his eminent arrest, Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmoy Biswal issued a statement saying-

“We have arrested Sushil Kumar, who carried a reward of Rs 1 lakh, and Ajay Sherawat, who had a reward of Rs 50,000.”

The Olympian had evaded the Delhi Police for close to 3 weeks and after the police spread out a wide dragnet, the 38-year-old wrestler, who somehow snuck past the state borders of 6 states, was finally arrested.

According to reports, the victim of the case Sagar Dhankhar was living with his friends at a house near the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi’s Model Town area. On May 4, when Sushil and his associates allegedly asked to vacate the premises, the two groups clashed and the clash took a violent turn.

One day after the incident, Sushil left his home after finding out that Dhankhar had succumbed to the injuries in the alleged violent clash between the two group. The wrestler first went to Shalimar Bagh and met an old associate. These two men later took a car and travelled far to Uttarakhand.

The alleged culprit and his associate then made their way to Muzaffarnagar and came back to Delhi. The Delhi Police during the course of investigation got their hands on a CCTV footage from a toll point at Meerut which showed that Sushil Kumar entered Delhi on May 6.