In a world where science-fiction dreams come true, four men from Chennai have been arrested for selling spectacles that promised to show people naked. Yes, you read that right, naked! The accused, led by a businessman from Bengaluru, sold these ‘x-ray’ glasses for a whopping Rs 1 crore and targeted wealthy businessmen by taking them to a secret location for trials.

However, their shady business came to light when a trader in Chennai lodged a complaint against them, accusing them of cheating him of Rs 5 lakh by promising to sell him the peeping-tom’s dream gadget. What ensued was a tale of fake guns, nude models, and even a mysterious ‘rice pulling vessel’ that promised prosperity. Welcome to the world of bizarre crimes!

The accused have been identified as R Suriya from Bengaluru and his associates Ghubabib, Jithu Jayan, and S Irshad from Kerala. According to the Times of India report, the gang showed videos of how the spectacles worked to their gullible customers and then took them to a dark room where nude models posed.

The police arrested the accused from a hotel in Kodambakkam after a complaint was lodged by a trader who had been cheated by Suriya earlier. The gang had threatened the trader with a fake gun when he sought his money back.

The Facts of the Matter

Scams have been around since time immemorial, but every once in a while, a case emerges that leaves us shaking our heads in disbelief. The case of a gang of four men from Chennai, who were arrested for selling spectacles that promised to show people naked, is one such example.

While the idea of spectacles that can show a person with ‘x-ray’ vision, has been part of science fiction, and teenager’s fantasies since forever, the audacity of the gang who sold the specs went as far as fake guns and models who were paid to pose naked to make the scam as real as it can get.

Magical Rice Machine

The gang, led by a 39-year-old businessman named Shiva, had targeted gullible and wealthy businessmen, luring them with the promise of a secret machine that could pull rice towards it using a mysterious element that was said to have fallen to earth during lightning strikes. But that was just the beginning of their scheme.

Gang Pitches X-Ray Vision Glasses

According to reports, the gang also claimed to have a special glass that could help the wearer see people naked, just like in the movies. They even went so far as to set up a dark room with nude models to convince their customers of the glasses’ authenticity. But it was all just a clever ruse to dupe unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned money.

How the Accused Got Caught

The gang’s operations came to light when a trader lodged a complaint against them, alleging that he had been cheated out of Rs 5 lakh by Shiva on the promise of selling him antiques. When the man learned that Shiva was in Chennai, he went to confront him, only to be threatened with a fake gun. This led to a police investigation that uncovered the gang’s other fraudulent activities.

4 Arrested with Pistol, Fake Glasses, Rice-Machines

During a search operation at a lodge near the Koyambedu bus stand, police found the four men with fake pistols, bullets, fake glasses, rice-pulling machines, and vessels. They were accused of cheating the public by peddling a bogus rice-pulling machine and convincing people that it had special powers to bring prosperity.

But it was the promise of the glasses that could see people naked that really caught people’s attention, leading many to fall for the gang’s ridiculous claims and show up at the lodge with their wallets wide open.


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