We are living in a world where new technology is being invented with every tick of the clock. So many innovative ideas are trafficking the world of science and technology. Recently in Tianjin, China, a World Intelligence Congress was held where most creative and useful inventions were presented by several participating scientists from across the world. From among various inventions, the one that caught the eyes of the most was a chip, that could read a human’s mind and could operate the computer and mobile devices.

The chip has an inbuilt technology which would collect information from the neural signals of the human mind and would convert the data into useful signals. Further, it would transmit the command to the respective computer/ mobile device. It acts as an interface between the human mind and electronic devices. The device is named as “Brain Talker” and scientists have claimed that humans will be able to operate their mobile phones, computers & laptops etc with the help of this chip. 

The credit for developing this chip primarily goes to Tianjin University & China Electronics Corporation. The developers suggest that the Brain Talker chip will have great uses in the field of medical, education, defence & entertainment. They further add that the said chip will be very helpful specifically for physically challenged individuals or patient as the chip would help them move their wheelchairs merely by thinking. 

The event was attended by 1,450 delegates from across 40 countries and regions, 245 organizations, including 38 of the world’s top 500 companies. The congress aimed at signifying the role of artificial intelligence in the social and economic growth. The conference staged AI Security systems, self-driving cars and more such AI-enabled inventions.